November challenge...

life rearranged

So I'm linking up to a blog-- I'm not promising to link weekly-- but I'm excited to record my 'little moments' in this way!

So the month of November is going to be one I try to focus on gratitude.  I found this photo-a-day-for-a-month challenge and I'm accepting the challenge :)  Here is the list- each day I'm suppose to post a picture to instagram reflecting the item listed.  I'm excited to use this tool to drive my thoughts towards gratitude.  Feel free to join me- if you do... don't forget to comment on my blog so I can keep updated with your post a day!  I will try to utilize this new insta-friday link to update you on the progress of this challenge!

Day 1: favorite food #okjoesbbq

Day 2: smile -couldn't pick 1... had to show some of the people that drive me towards gratitude (not all... just a few)

So last weekend we did a video scavenger hunt with your youth group during our fall retreat, and I met a local celeberty!! This is me with Jillian from Q104 - she is a DJ on a local country music station.  :)  She is a pretty big deal around KC-- and she just happens to be the aunt of one of our youth ladies! So excited to meet her in person.  #nerdiknow

Spent some time blogging this week.. and I love ever second of it.

Sent some pieces of love in the mail this week

What was your week like?


  1. Ooooh that burger looks so good right now! This was a week of getting stuff done around the house. I cleaned, rearranged furniture, did laundry, organized the freezers, went on a major grocery run, and that!0's about it. Good, ordinary week.

    Have a great weekend! Photo challenges are fun, can't wait to see your pics. :)

    1. I need a week of 'getting stuff done around the house' badly! :) I always love how it feels after it's over... it is finding the motivation in the few evenings we are actually home to get stuff done. I think you've inspired me to get at it! Hope you had a great weekend as well!