Latest craft....

Hey lovelies!  

So here is a short update:

I have really been feeling like I need to invest more time soaking in the Lord's promises... I grew up in a Christian home, and know the usual stories... however... I don't always live life as if I deep deep down truly believe His promises.  I was challenged by Beth Moore at her 'So Long Insecurities' conference to make a spiral of notecards with several of His promises on them- with the hopes to truly allow the Lord to change my heart.  

The current video study that my ladies group is going through is put on by Beth Moore as well.  She poses a very sobering question... "Do you believe in your heart of hearts that God is a giver or a taker".  This was really revolutionizing for me.  She asked... "Have you ever thought, 'I'm not sure I want to do this whole 'God thing'; how much will he take from me in able to receive His glory out of me?".... I have never thought about that exact thought... but wow... I have believed that He is a taker rather than a giver- more than once.  Praise the Lord, He IS a GIVER- NOT A TAKER!  That will be a promise on one of my pretty cards.

OK... that was longer than I intended.... now for the craft:

It started with a stack of beautiful scrapbook paper (this was my favorite one!)

Now time to cut the paper into 'index card' size pieces- with the help of my lovely assistant, Jen!  I made a few of these creations a couple of weeks ago.. and tonight- girls night- we decided to make her one and I could always use more!

Adorable, right?! I decided that the square edges weren't doing anything for me... so I rounded the edges with one of my handy scrapbook tools! 
The next step is to place double sided tape on one and tape 2 pieces together- they are much stronger- and way cuter!

This was my first batch- with the cute ring for easy portability!

I ended up with enough to make 2- so here they are!!

OK... so you noticed I don't have any verses/promises on them yet.... I'm still trying to decide how I want to put those on there- I'm not gifted in the 'hand-writting' arena... so I'll be using the good ol' cute fonts and printer option... however- I'm thinking about crinkling the pages and making them look vintage before I put them on... but I'm still trying to come up with all options!  

So... basically what I'm trying to say is... be continued......

Hope you have a wonderful wednesday, lovelies! 


What I've been up to...

A few weeks ago Scott and I went to my favorite BBQ - Jack Stack! YUM!  My favorite location is at the plaza- hands. down.

Well... so pictures are not allowed of this amazing sandwich... or maybe as soon as the plate was put in front of me... I could not think about anything else but enjoying every last bite... not sure.  But there was a beautiful turkey sandwich on that plate...

They bring you out the original BBQ sauce as well as some of the hot sauce... both are wonderful

These are the MUST HAVE sides- Bakes BBQ beans and Cheesy Corn! yum!

Ok... on to other adventures... I recently visited my Alma Mater for my brother-in-law's college graduation... well after some begging- Scott and I got in town early enough that morning to get breakfast at my FAVORITE place downtown Bolivar, MO- if you ever travel through- you must stop by (between 11-2) and get some french toast and coffee (doesn't matter if you like coffee or not... you. must. have. some.)

So many study sessions behind those doors... ahhh.. college memories

Ok... on to my final adventure for this post... my front yard...

Ok... here is where my ANTI-green thumb starts showing itself... as these weird plant/treewannabe things were growing in the area around my tree- I was really concerned as to what they would look like once they were in full bloom- I really thought they were mini trees before they started growing those little bulbs.... I wanted Scott to yank them out... but boy am I glad I decided to wait until I could see what they really were first...

UHHH.... I. KNOW. RIGHT?!  THIS is what came from those once ugly treewannabe plant things... oh my word... absolutely breath taking- when I saw the first one bloom... I was floored!  Well needless to say... I'm obsessed with my beautiful Lilies that live under the tree in my front yard...

I can't wait until they have ALL bloomed!!!

God is so good.  These remind me of how beautiful I am to Him as one of His own... and yet how ugly with sin I was before He saved me... I love that He reminds me of this truth- with. a. flower.  wow.

And now I can't get enough of them... The color... just so amazing.

There are beautiful white lilies too!!! 

These things have made my day.... what makes your day?


To Do in 2010 update...

Dear internet,
I am sadly behind in completing my 'To Do in 2010' list.  As you recall from my last update... I have completed a few of my 2010 bucket list... I wish I could report that I have EVEN more to cross off than I did last time... but I cannot.  However, I do have a few to cross off:

#1- Mend an old friendship-  Yes, I feel like I have accomplished this!  It feels wonderful. 

#2- frame the amazing painting my brother got me in Florence, Italy- I finally found a home for this beautiful painting!  I got it stretched at good ol' Hobby Lobby a month or two ago.  It is beautifully displayed on my white shelves in my living room!

#5- Work out routinely- Ok... this is kind of true... I would like to at least acknowledge my progress! Scott and I have been playing tennis lately... lets just say... I. LOVE. TENNIS. I didn't have a very good year last season... and this year I'm starting off with a bang- which helps the desire to play more!  This has been a great work out!

#16- daily find something I'm thankful for and praise the Lord for it- The last week or so I have really been overwhelmed with these daily thankful things... and I wanted to share a few with you.. (in no particular order) :) 
   * Old friends- they are some of the BEST gifts a person can have
   * Husband- the list as to why could be endless here- so I'll just leave you with how bless I feel to have Scott as a part of my life- God totally knows what He is doing!
   * Youth-  The past 6 months or so Scott and I have been sponsors for our youth group and I feel SO blessed to live life with these youngsters!  I learn so much from them... to be honest- I was expecting to do more of the teaching than the learning
   * Family- they are ALWAYS there.  I often take this fact for granted. sadly. 
   * Lilies- K... I thought I had weird weed/plant/tree things growing in the area around my tree in the front yard- well good thing I didn't have Scott yank them out- they are LILIES! They are so stinkin' BEAUTIFUL!!!

Ok... well I will leave you with these- I am still working on most of the rest!  I'd love to hear some of your favorite things... or something you should be proud of for completing in 2010!!