My bother is married!

Hey internet!  I know it has been a few weeks.  I have some really great excuses... basically I've been traveling and surgery-ing... so those are legit reasons to abandon you for a few weeks, I'd say.

I'm so excited to announce that my brother is married!  AND I have 2 new sisters!  {I'm assuming it works this way... sister-in-law and her sister count, right?!}

ok ok ... OK! I won't make you wait any longer... here are a few pics I took over the wedding weekend in Colorado.

We traveled all day Thursday to get to the cabin up in the mountains.  I got unpacked and then started getting ready for the big night... 80's-prom -dress-themed bachelorette party!!  Elizabeth did an amazing job planning the party - everything was so adorable and we played some hilarious games.

Here are the bridesmaids dressed in our 80's gear

Love letting the creative juices flow and designing toilet paper bridal gowns.. they are my specialty... however we didn't win this time :)

I can't believe I'm posting this for the world to see... but... with the promise of being real... here I am.. in all my 80's-crimped-hair glory #sorrynotsorry

We are total 80's babies - that decade is just in our core... just look at us :)

Decked out and ready for the night on the town... limo style!  The diamond has several tasks that Melissa had to complete while we were out and about that evening... so much fun!

What a great lookin' crew! 

Friday Morning's view:
My view on Friday morning... our cabin had such an amazing view of the mountains #Godisbig

After a night on the town we all slept in a bit but not too long... we had a beautiful bridal luncheon hosted by Sara (Melissa's mom) at the Stanley Hotel... yeah that is the one from 'The Shinning' ... you could say I wouldn't go a single place by myself... and you might be accurate.  :)  No, it was so beautiful.. and great had food!

The bridal luncheon - such a beautiful time spent getting to know these ladies!

All of the bridesmaids were given these gorgeous pearls at the luncheon - absolutely perfect!  LOVE them so much!

The nearly-married couple during rehearsal on Friday night - I think this is the only picture of my brother I actually took on my phone from the entire weekend! I spent a lot more time with the ladies... but I'm sure I'll have more once the real wedding pics are ready! He is so handsome! #ilovemybrother

 On Friday night it started snowing... this was our view on Saturday morning #weddingday We were so blessed because it stopped snowing right before the wedding... yet had the perfect amount of snow on everything to make the pictures absolutely PERFECT!

We went into the rocky mountain national park and I got to take some beautiful pictures... #iheartsnow
love love LOVE the snow covered streams

This is by far my favorite picture I took at the park.  I wanted to take the tree bark with me to create something.. not sure what... but something amazing.  The texture was so beautiful

The beautiful bride - I am stoked to have her in the family... how did I get so lucky?!

Because of the snow... all of the bridesmaids wore our boots during the pictures and took the heels for the ceremony... then changed back into boots for the reception... I'm so glad I had these trusty ol' things with me :)

My other new sister, Elizabeth!  Love her.... isn't she so stinkin' adorable?! She made an amazing MOH!!

Right before the ceremony... absolutely stunning.  

Dad giving the newlyweds some words of wisdom... #mademecry

I loved their guest book idea - they did fabric squares and we used fabric markers to write out words of wisdom to the couple.  They are going to use these fabric squares to make a quilt!  I thought that was such a great idea- can't wait to see it when it's done!

The family :) Scott is so excited to have another 'in-law' in the family... it is so adorable to watch their 'in-law bonding moments'... lol  apparently they give advice about how to 'get in' with the family... it makes me smile regardless!

Well the trip was too short... and my time spent with these amazing people blinked by... but I hold the memories of this weekend so close to my heart.  I loved meeting all of Melissa's family and friends.. they are just like her - genuinely sweet people who love the Lord.  

I've seen a couple of the official wedding photos and they are sooooooooooo good!  I'll be sure to post some of my favorites

What have you all been up to?