Wasp debacle...

Ok, internet... I have a story to share.... and I'm not proud of it, while it is quite hilarious now... looking back.

So last Friday I was sitting on my couch on my computer {much like I am right now} when all of the sudden Molly (see below) fixes her beautiful big eyes on something near the fire place.  I wasn't sure what she had found, but she is our hunter of the family - so I figured a small spider or piece of lent caught in the light or something.

Oh no... so a few moments later I see a huge {my perspective} wasp fly over my head and land on the wall in our kitchen.  Ummm... to say I don't like wasps would be an enormous understatement.  So I did what any girl would do... squeal for a moment and then think 'where is the fly swatter?'.

Only to discover - I have been married for almost 5 years now and have NEVER owned a fly swatter.  Is that even possible? Yes, internet... I just proved that it is.

So my mind is digging for the next best option... I see my broom... but then I immediately imagine the wasp laughing hysterically at me thinking 'sure.. go ahead and try to get me w/that thing... see how mad I get'.  I didn't want to test his temper so I searched for my next viable option...  CALL MOM!  lol

*Disclaimer: I slightly considered calling Scott... but #1. he was in school and I knew he would not be able to leave class to come rescue his bride and #2. he would have chuckled and told me to kill it myself...*

well that was NOT one of the options I felt brave enough to try at this very moment...

So I soon realize that mom would still be at work and is at least 30 minutes away and wouldn't be getting off for a few more hours.

So I call dad on his cell phone, knowing that he is home... so I told him of my issue.  Of course emphasizing the fact that I don't have a fly swatter... not the fact that I refused to attempt the killing myself. {not because I want to save his life.... the wasp has to die}

So he confirms my suspicions of the wasp's temper and warns me not to use the broom to try to kill him.  Ok, I'm feeling better about this... I just know at this point he is going to offer to come over and rescue his baby girl from the home intruder.

Well... actually dad tells me that he'll 'send mom over'!  I'm excited because I thought mom was at work-- see I would have called her first if I knew she was already home.  Let me just say... I am my dad's daughter.  My mom is a hoss.  No spider, wasp, bee, or unidentified bug/animal is going to scare this woman.  My dad and I on the other hand.... uhh - no thanks!

So dad sends mom over to my house... they live about 6 minutes away.. and there must have been a ton of traffic because I'm sure it took her an hour to get there.  She finally shows up with a beautiful pink fly swatter in hand and is laughing at with me.

All of that to say... my mommy came over and watched me killed the wasp for me.. yup - 26 years old!

Whew... so glad I got that off my chest... that is my Real Ray moment for this week.

Sadly - next time there is no excuse because she graciously donated the bright pink fly swatter so that I too can take matters into my own hands... oh goodness.  I hope one day I won't be scared of them like mom.

Well that felt good.

How has your week been?  Anything you need to own up to today, while we're being real? :)


  1. I had a wasp in my classroom yesterday! I screamed like a girl while one of my students killed it for me. :) Proud moment right there!

  2. Bahahaha. So in California I would trap giant spiders under bowls in our apartment until Brian could come home and kill them for me ;) I hate insects. Eww!

    1. Hahaha! I wouldn't be able to letthe bowl out of my sight incase the bug escaped! Lol

  3. lol! That is too funny! Good thing your parents own fly swatters and were close enough to provide reinforcements. ;) I would have rolled up a newspaper....But, you won't have to worry about that now that you have a swatter of your very own!