1. Picmonkey for letting me create the pretty picture above... for FREE!

2. Monday is over.  Not sure why but today was an all around Monday.  
3. Leftovers.  Let's be clear - only certain leftovers... but those are the ones I'm talking about {glad we got that cleared up}

3. Fall.  I am not sure why it is this way... but with the fall season comes quieter evenings... a glimmer of a slower pace to life.... a beautiful smell outside... more snuggles.  I love this season.

4. Iced sugar cookies from hyvee

5. brown boots weather

6. observing the Lord working on my heart in the most beautiful ways

7. my community growing more and more comfortable with one another

8. Kaie's testimony - God is so clearly been working miracles in her life and it is such a beautiful testimony of His grace.  So thankful to be getting to know her and watch the Lord reveal more of Himself to her.  

9. Color coded dividers.  need I say more?

10. chicken and steak kabobs and garlic butter crescent rolls 

What are you thankful for today?


Sassy moments...

What are some of your sassy moments from this week?


Critical conversations...

A few days ago I had a conversation with someone I love about critical conversations.  Since then I have really been dwelling on the topic... so here it is: {my dwellings...}

Probably 6-8 years ago those two words might as well be in the 'four-letter-words-we-don't-say category'.  I disliked having to have difficult conversations to my absolute core. Negative interactions/conversations were usually accompanied by fear of no more positive interactions/conversations with whomever.  I was a people pleaser from my head to my toes.  I wanted nothing more than to be accepted, acceptable, desired by others.  Even writing those sentences now give me chills.  To know how misplaced my desires were... that I so desired to be acceptable to others rather than Christ alone.

Today... I would suggest when they are done well {with grace, speaking truth and accompanied by love}, they are one of the best signs of true community. When done well they encourage a vulnerability that is uncomfortable and yet so rewarding.  When done well it is a maturing experience for all parties involved.

Raylene, do you believe that they all end with closer friendships? 

That is a great question, Internet.  No. We don't live in an ideal world. But I do believe that when done well {even when the result is relational separation from the other parties} that The Lord will give us peace about the outcome. 

I know you're dying to know.. So what does it look like when a critical conversation is done well? 

I'm SO glad you asked.

1. Saturate the situation in prayer.  Begging God to guide your heart, and mind to approach the situation in a way that honors Him, and to ensure the issue is not within your own heart.

1. Evaluate yourself - is the issue you're frustrated by/concerned with really something we need to deal with internally?  Or is it truly something that needs to be discussed with the other(s) involved?  Usually if you're still thinking about it a few days later... it is necessary to discuss.  Ask yourself.... what is at the root of what is bothering you?

3. Consider the others involved.  As you look at the situation that needs to be addressed, be sure to put yourself in their shoes.  Be sensitive to how you approach the conversation - being gracious and yet truthful. This is a fine line of not sugar coating the issue, but also not being completely insensitive.

4. Be mindful that others don't read minds.  So stop with the 'they should know why I'm upset with them' passivity.  They won't know what is bottled up inside your heart unless you share.  Isn't community about opening up and sharing our hearts with one another? {the answer is yes, Internet}

5. Be gracious, speak the truth in love.  This is so important - ask the Lord to guide your conversation and to allow you to speak truth in love.  That means: being very truthful and forthcoming about the concerns and sharing those concerns in a loving way.  Not approaching the other(s) in a mean spirited manner, but with love (note: 'with love' does NOT mean sugar coat the issue or beat around the bush where it becomes a super passive approach). Showing them that you genuinely love them.  Showing them that your aim for the conversation is not to  create a barrier between you but to work through your concerns and in the end grow closer.

6. Once you're done sharing your concern/frustration... it is a good idea to ask if there are any pain points in their mind regarding you.  I know, that can be a hard thing to ask for.... yet so rewarding to see this line of communication opening up.

7. Come to a resolution.  Whether it is 'I don't like the way you eat your food'...{I really hope not} or whatever - be sure to come up with a solution to the issue at hand.  It is important to not leave the conversation with no resolution or solution.  Might be helpful to ask and answer the question 'So what?'.... basically - 'what now?'.

7. End with prayer.  Pray for this new line of communication.... that it would be used wisely and that your hearts would be tender to one another's concerns moving forward.

Be encouraged, friends.  Once you open this once despised door of communication - it gets easier and easier to have these critical conversations when necessary.

It is important to realize how much vulnerability it takes to have these critical conversations.  Yet it is equally important to know how rich friendships are when these conversations are had when necessary and handled with grace and love.

I know someone values their friendship with me when they are willing to have critical conversations with me when they are needed.  There is a bond that is strengthened when these conversations can be had and received well.

There is truly so much that can be said about critical conversations - I've only begun to scratch the surface.  What are some pieces of wisdom that you have learned through the years regarding critical conversations?  Please share....


My favorite Enchiladas

I am in love with this recipe.  I have to give credit to a girlfriend of mine from college, Jen.  She made these for me and a few other girls and while, I have added my own flavor... this came from her.

What you'll need:

- 1 lb of ground beef
- Mexican shredded cheese
- Enchilada sauce (large can)
- Taco seasoning
- Tortillas (medium sized)
- Taco Rice (optional)

1. Brown the ground beef in a large skillet.  Add the taco seasoning and some water and let the meat simmer until the water is gone.  Pour a little bit of enchilada sauce at the bottom of a large glass pan.  Add almost all of the remaining enchilada sauce. (Leaving some for the finishing touches)

2. Add mexican shredded cheese and stir until it is melted well.  Spoon the mixture into the center of your tortilla.

3. Roll tortillas perfectly as shown below and place in the glass pan.

4. So... sometimes a mess is made... couldn't let you believe this adventure is mess-free.  Just go ahead and put the messy extras from your fingers and spoon on top of the enchiladas. 

5. pour the remaining enchilada sauce over the tortillas and spread the sauce as evenly as possible.  Sprinkle a liberal amount of cheese over the top of the enchiladas.  Stick them in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until you see the cheese is melted, the sauce is bubbling, and the edges of the tortillas are perfectly crisp.

6. Follow the instructions on the package for the taco rice.  Sometimes I make the taco rice before I roll them all together and will add rice into my enchiladas.  Scott isn't a huge fan of the taco rice so I typically leave it out and serve it up on the side.  

7. ENJOY!  Yum.. this looks so amazing I just want to lick the screen.  But I won't... don't worry. 

Let me know if you try these out, and what you think!?!


Insta-Friday goodness

update on life this week... insta-style!

life rearranged


On labor day we spent some serious time being labor-less... Molly won.

Every few months I get to have lunch with Cathy.  She was my 'work mom' when I worked at a local bank.  I love getting to spend some quality time with her over some yummy pizza at our usual lunch spot.  Well we usually see this other customer that is always there when we're there.  He is an older guy and is always by himself.  He sits in the same place {as do we} and observes those around him eating lunch.  After he left - our usual waitress came over and told us that 'Kent paid for your lunch, ladies'.  HOW precious is that?  A random act of kindness..  seriously made my week.  The waitress continued to tell us that he does that pretty regularly - finds a table to pay for... just to life someone's day.  We felt so blessed by him that friday afternoon.  Thank you, sir.  


This picture didn't make it on instagram... but my parents got Scott and I a joint birthday gift this year.... isn't he beautiful?!  We don't know how to use it... but we are stoked to test it out!!!  He looks really good on our patio!

Got to hang out with the Franzes' last weekend!  It had been too long... I love her smile. :)

News alert:  I'm being challenged.... pulled outside my comfort zone.  {kind of self-inflicted too}.  October 4th from 6-10pm our church is having our annual fall women's conference.  I was challenged to spend time each day this summer to reflect on the glory of God.  Wow.  It was a great challenge for me - I'm so thankful to have been  a part of it.  So the 4-5 of us that committed to a summer of focusing on the glory of God will be sharing our journey.  I have been trusted with 10 minutes.  Praying even know that the Lord is glorified through this evening.  Hope you all can make it!

Last weekend we got to celebrate Cameron!  He turned 22 - so young! {of course, internet... we played TSwift's song at least 22 times for him}.  We had a blast - first at Cheesecake Factory, then at mini golf!  Happy birthday Cameron!!!

Went to see the twins play in the band and sing in the choir at the annual Dairy Queen social!

Another picture that didn't quite make it to instagram.  I might be shunned for even posting it here... but we had the opportunity to have dinner with this beautiful couple.  I love how evident their love for Christ is - it literally overflows from them.  Dawn and Mike will be married next month and Scott is playing a song while Dawn sings.  So we HAD to have a practice session {any excuse to spend some time with them is fine by me}.  They are such a blessing!

Last night Laina returned the surprise attack and showed up to Launch!! She drove the 40 minutes from school to come spend time with us... loved having her here in the flesh!

Scott and I didn't have any real set in stone plans this evening.  So we took advantage of the opportunity and went on a date.  On our way I was in awe of God's majesty .... such a beautiful sunset. This one is on instagram... but there are no filters here... the beauty of that picture is all God!

Date night!  I can't say enough about this man.  We had our favorite BBQ! YUM! 
{Oklahoma Joe's, did you even have to ask?} 

What are some of your favorite moments from this past week or two?!



So I don't talk a lot about my work - and I don't really plan on making it a regular topic here, so sorry to get your hopes up, Internet. #HRprobz

Today {like many other days} I am really excited about work.  Let me tell you - I really enjoy what I do.  I work in HR and I'm in love with all things: process improvement, reporting, auditing, process mapping, problem solving,  internal customer service, regulations, compliance, policies, and onboarding.  I love the challenge that comes with each of these things.

After about a year into my MBA I realized... I found my nitch.  I found my passion - HR.  It was a wonderful realization considering all through college (until my last semester, in fact) I thought I wanted to be a Biblical Counselor - planned to head straight to graduate school after I graduated.  I'm so thankful the Lord had another plan.  I always seem to like His plan-A best from the get go looking back.  Funny how that works 100% of the time... and about 95% of the time I'm convinced otherwise.

Back to HR - I'm in love.  {Don't worry - not the workaholic kind of 'love' - the respectful kind of work-love}

After 2.5 years in the industry, I'm seriously so excited about HR, I'm giddy.  Honeymoon stage?  Maybe... but I'm living it up.  I'm currently getting to learn new tools that we use every day, and getting to be creative with some internal websites.  I can't help but smile just typing those words.

So a little about my career goals {currently}:

*Disclaimer: this is not a contract of any sort.  The terms defined within this hereby written goal are subject to change at any time.  Also: other goals as assigned.* #HRhumor  {and I can hear the 'unsubscribe' button being clicked on a few computers even now...#sorrynotsorry}

My current short-term personal career goal is to learn as much about HR as I can in the first 5 years of my career.  Taking in the processes, policies, solving problems, auditing, and all things compliance.  I'm in a position to do just that... learn a TON about HR.  So excited about where I'm at.

While we're on the subject - I think I'd like to be in HR leadership eventually.  However, I tend to have the most respect for leaders who spent time dedicated to growing themselves in the midst of the everyday HR duties.  Investing in the tools, resources, and people-knowledge that surrounds them.  So I'm enjoying this stage of my career - getting to invest in my career growth and development.  Servant leadership is the style I hope to emulate one day.  I get excited thinking about leadership and being a part of the strategizing for the company, and HR specifically.

Internet, that is all I wanted to say.  I. love. my. job.

What do you do?  What are your favorite things about your job?


Real heart change for this Real Ray Wednesday {part 2}

Dear internet,

As you read last week - I studied a couple of amazing books over the summer.  However, I left you with a bit of a cliff hanger considering I only told you about one of them.  Don't worry, it's just my way to ensure you'll come back exactly a week later. :)

During Launch this summer we went through, Future Grace by John Piper.

I wouldn't dare show you the thickness of this book with the fear that you'd never consider digging in.  It is a rather thick book, but worth the read.  He designed the book to be 31 chapters with the thought that someone could read a (short) chapter a day and be done with the book in a month. 

The Lord has used this book in tremendous ways this summer.  I will do a horrible job... but yet-my best to summarize the highlights of this book and how it has impacted me this summer.  

Too often we {christians} fall into a certain mindset described in the book as 'the debtor's ethic', where we see how good God has been to us and all that He did on the cross for us and we spend our entire lives attempting to make it up to God.  'Make it up' - all of the blessings, sacrifices, provisions, fulfilled promises that He has given us from this moment in time and prior.  We do good things, we serve in every avenue possible, we work very hard {with our own effort} to do good in His name in order to make up for all of the goodness He has provided for us.

OK... before you go gettin' your panties in a knot.  Let me confirm - it IS a good thing to dwell on the work of the Lord in our lives from this moment prior, especially the work done on our behalf on the cross.  However - we should not fall into the mindset that we can, should, will one day be able to pay off some sort of debt to God for all that He has done for us.  

We SHOULD look back at all that the Lord has done for us and let that motivate us to continue counting on (for the future) the grace that is so evident in all of His past blessings.  The key is how that past work motivates us.  We can't ever pay back what He has done for us.  Guess what... He doesn't call us to pay Him back.  He tells us to go and make disciples and to make much of Him.  Dwelling on the past grace He has shown us - should encourage and ensure our confidence that He will continue to lavish His grace on us in the future.  

Do we live as though we realize the promise of Romans 8:28? 

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purposes." NASB

Piper has a chapter+ devoted to discussing this promise.  This has been really challenging to me this summer.  This verse sounds great.  Do we live as though it is true?  I mean REALLY true?  

I would suggest that we  I have been so quick to read 'God causes all things to work together for good' according to my standards/expectations/definitions of what 'good' is.  Could it be that what God sees as good is the actual standard/expectation/definition of good and mine is just a finite, self centered, temporary, lacking view of what good is in the moment. I think so.  I'm so thankful that God does not define good the same way I do.  {that is a really hard statement to say and mean 100% of the time because I often times convince myself that my definition is the 'right' one}.  

No mater what my current situation, circumstance, struggle, blessing or success is - is exactly the best place for my to be.  Can we pause here?  Do we get what this means?  I'm still figuring out how to live each moment of my days fully aware of this fact.  What an amazing promise.  

I could literally write about that alone all night long.  However the book did have 30 other chapters. :)

Something unique about the way Piper structured this book is that he typically had sections of 3 chapters that relate to one another.  He ends each section by identifying evidences of unbelief in our lives and provide practical ways to battle them. (i.e.: anxiety, impatience, pride, bitterness, despondency, lust, covetousness, and misplaced shame)  He digs into each of these areas of unbelief - when we are anxious, or impatient, or prideful, or have bitterness in our heart - that is evidence that we are not trusting in God for something. 

This book really challenged my trust in God's promises.  I know His promises and I've seen Him fulfill his promises in my life and in the lives of those around me.  However, the Lord used this summer's study at Launch to peel apart my heart.  I discovered that I am waiting to be an exception to His promises.  

I know and believe He is good on His promises {for everyone else}.  I've even seen His goodness in my life through His promises.  Yet I have struggled with fitting God into my finite-ness.  "There is always an exception." has crept into the way I was viewing God.  Wow.  I didn't even realize it... 

I'm so thankful for the way the Lord challenged {and continues to challenge} my heart through this summer's study.  He has yet again proven good on His promise in my heart.  He is molding me and shaping me and my warped view.  I'm so thankful that He is bigger than my finite mind.  

As I said at the beginning- I knew this 'summary' wouldn't do the book justice... but I encourage any and all of you to pick up a copy and dig in. 

I must warn you though:  prepare. to. be. challenged. to. your. core. 

So thankful for how the Lord reveals more of Himself through discussions with my community as well as personal time with Him.  

What is the Lord doing in your heart during this season?


A few random thoughts...

1. I'm ready for fall.

2. College football has started, people! {MIZ!}

3. Interested as to why the Lord continues to put me in situations where public speaking is necessary?

4. Love sitting here on the couch with my love, blogging while he watches the first Monday night football game.  #qualitytime

5. Singing the words that normal people would say to one another is one of my favorite things to do. "Can you pass me that remote please?"; "Can I get a nurse over here?" {CPR dance... don't ask}

Photo creds: pinterest
6. I'm ready for fall.

7. Thankful for pictures. The way they capture specific moments that I would otherwise forget or let fade to the back of my memory.

8. Charlie absolutely loves his armpits to be rubbed.  I love this fact about my cat.

9. I really want to wear a dress tomorrow.

10. I heart cereal for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.  I especially love how mason jars perfectly hold my milk so I can have cereal for lunch at work.  So basically I'm thankful for rubber seals.  #genius

11. Have I mentioned how ready I am for all things fall? {scarves, camp fires, boots, colorful leaves}

What are some of your random thoughts this evening?

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The Calzone Experiment

Once upon a time I saw a commercial for a stuffed sloppy joe... using Pillsbury biscuits.  I didn't really like the sound of a stuffed sloppy joe... I don't need any help making a sloppy joe sloppier.  But I thought it would be a great experiment for a calzone!

So here is what you'll need:

-Buscuits (large)
-Pizza cheese
-Pizza toppings of choice (I used pepperoni and canadian bacon below)
-Pizza sauce

1. On a nonstick baking sheet (or a pam-sprayed regular cookie sheet) start to flatten out the large biscuits.  I made one calzone at at time so I knew how to space them properly.

2. Go ahead and add some pizza sauce and spread with a knife or fork over 1/2 of the biscuit. 

3. Add your cheese and toppings.  Be sure to leave a little space on the outside edge to seal the calzone.

4. Fold the biscuit over and use your fingers to tuck in any rouge toppings and to seal the edges.

5. This is what they look like before they head into the oven.  I use the instructions on the side of the biscuit can for the baking temperature and time.

6. Pull out when they look like this.  Yuuuuummmmmm!

*Disclaimer:  Some will spill out like this. This recipe is not for those perfectionistic cookers out there.

Let me know if you try them out!  We've made them a couple of times and we love them.  I would suggest making at least 2 per adult.  


Real heart change for this Real Ray Wednesday...

The Lord has done some huge work on this ugly heart of mine over the last several months.  You try reading both Follow Me AND Future Grace in the same summer and NOT be impacted to your core and let me know how that goes.

Let's see if you were paying attention to yesterday's update... remember the book we went through this summer with Tuesday Girls?  So proud of you - you're right!  Follow Me by David Platt was the book of choice this summer.

I have been challenged regarding my hearts desire to make disciples and what it really means to BE a disciple of Christ.  Let me tell you, DPlatt {as we often call him} brought it.

He doesn't get caught up in the 'must make every reader feel good' movement, which I so appreciate.  The purpose of his writing is to share truth. {period}

Here are a few of my favorite moments in the book:

So important to be committed to a local church, especially during college.  I know how hard it is to find quality preaching at school when your heart is back at your home church.  But that doesn't take away from the necessity to invest in a local body - even in seasons that it must be different than your home church.

At the end of the book he goes through a series of questions/challenges which provided some wonderful discussion with our Tuesday Girls.  One challenge he emphasized is the importance of daily intaking the Word.  He encourages a reading plan to help guide us, which we started at the beginning of the summer.  My hope and prayer is that the ladies (and myself) will take time each day to read these sections of scripture and spend time with the Lord asking Him to reveal more of Himself to us through His word.  Sure... we might take the 2 year approach rather than the 1 year structure of the plan I found - but the point is intentionally spending time in His word and with Him daily.

A phrase you'll hear me say quite often these days is 'be intentional'.  This phrase came from our study through Follow Me.  It is essential to be intentional in our time spent with the Lord; to be intentional in the conversations with our friends (believers or not); to be intentional about our investment into a local church body; to be intentional about those we let impact our lives and hearts through our community.  I could go on and on and on... but you get the point.  It is essential to be. intentional.

Stay tuned... I'll be sure to update on Future Grace as well... don't you worry :)

What book(s) have you been impacted by lately and how have they impacted you personally?


Update on life as I know it...

Dear Internet, it is amazing how often I thought about how badly I wanted to update you on life... and yet how little time I found to do so.

Here is an attempt to bring you up to speed {Insta-style} on life since May 14th (my last post).  

This precious baby girl was born.  Her name is Olivia Grace and she is absolutely beautiful.  Want to learn more about this beauty and her adorable family?  Check out her momma's blog: Candace's Calling.

Tuesday Girls happened again this summer.  It. was. amazing.  I enjoyed every single Tuesday of this past summer.  We spent our time discussing Follow Me by David Platt, feel free to read a great review of the book here:  Challie's Blog (A great resource I am sure to use before reading most any book I considering spending time to dig into) 

Got some pool time with this lady.  Unfortunately a few moments after this picture was taken, thunder clouds rolled in and started making all kinds of ruckus.  Fortunately, we made it back to my house literally seconds before the downpour.  Call it stubborn {we REALLY wanted pool time} I call it grace.

Oh my goodness... Whitney came into town and we went to dinner one day.  It was so amazing because we were talking about her desire to grow her family.. and a few weeks later we find out... SHE'S PREGGERS!  Can't wait to meet this new little one in 2014!

I have to tell you what a blessing it has been to spend some major time with this group of humans.  {Please excuse the KU swag in the middle... we love him regardless of his sport affiliations... THAT is true community} :)   Oh... Jen started her doctorate this summer... I feel so sophisticated to say one of my best friends is going to be a doc soon!  So proud of her... she will make an amazing administrator for our educational system.

Mom and I went on a flea market day trip to Springfield and back.  Of course we had a couple of stops along the way.  I realize it isn't pictured here... but we DID actually stop and find some goodies at some of my favorite flea markets on the way there and back.

These are the faces we get during Insomnia {youth lock in}.  I love these ladies.  I'd love any commentary on what you think the faces are saying to me.... :)  
So excited to watch the Lord challenge them to grow closer to Himself.  Asking the Lord to use me however He sees fit to encourage their spiritual growth.    

I got to see my brother over Memorial Day weekend.  It was so good to see him.  He was growing out the beard since a few days later he'd begin basic.  So. proud. of. him.

ROAD TRIP with Jamie and Greg to Branson.  To say we shopped until we dropped is an under statement.  This girl knows how to shop.  Seriously!  Had such a blast getting to have a girls car on the way there... and of course stopping for some required BRAUMS on the way.  YUM!  

Just a Tuesday night spent crafting chatting with these lovely ladies.  Have I mentioned that I love my church body.... and the community the Lord continues to place around me?!  

Weekend to Springfield with a couple of my favorites! Got to watch Jen do what she does best... teach. She brought the word to a group of ladies who will lead at her alma mater.  Enjoyed my favorite tacos on this planet as well as my favorite improve comedy show downtown.  I still think we could have swam in the pool... #shouldhavejumpedin

Little sister reunion!  Ok... so I don't have a biological sister.  But in HS the senior guys and girls were paired up with freshman guys and girls and we were encouraged to be their big sister/brother and help them get acquainted with HS.  I couldn't have been paired with anyone better.  Katie and I don't keep in touch like we should... but when we get to reunite it is an instant comfortable connection.  I'm so encouraged to hear how the Lord is using her in her community in northeast MO!  

Another HS friend that came in town from OK and I got to meet her beautiful family.  So thankful to get the few quality moments I had while she was in town.  #missingher

You can bet that I've gotten a few cuddles with these two babies since we last talked.  Of course most of the cuddles came before and after our cousin {below} came to visit for a week.

Dog sitting for my brother/sister-in-law was so much fun.  I love Shylah, she is such a great dog.  She was a great sport as the cats didn't enjoy her company as much as I did.  We DID survive... and we'd gladly do it again!

After 10+ weeks of being a part with just a few minutes of phone time ever few weeks and a letter here and there... my brother and his beautiful bride were reunited!  I didn't get to go to his graduation from basic.. but I'm so thankful for this moment.  I'm excited to watch the Lord take them on their next adventure.

My mantle these days.  Enjoying my instagram prints from PostalPix.  They are adorable and work perfectly for my decor!

Went to the MU game this past weekend with Scott's family.  Had such a great time with them.  The girls went shopping while the guys went to the stadium (we had some time to kill).  Pretty sure I lost 10 pounds just from the walking and sweating.... it was blistering hot and humid.  YUCK.  But we are so thankful because by game time we had overcast which helped cool us down a little.  MU winning always makes it a great time as well.

So this happened... I was cracking up with the photo-bomber behind me after the picture was taken.  lol

PS: Isn't he so handsome?!


The twins are SENIORS?!?!  Can this seriously be so?!


Bowling night with the youth!  I can't believe how fast these ladies are growing up.

Visiting one of our youth students hard at work during a very long 9 hour shift on a Saturday. Oh... and convincing Scott to let me take advantage of the perfect photo opportunity in the lobby.  Love him so much for bearing with my quirks.  :)  {I think he kind of enjoyed this one}

Jen and I are sure to spend some time at Starbucks... doing one or all of the following:
1. solving all of the world's problems
2. evaluating potential mates for Jen
3. evaluating potential mates for our other friends
4. playing detective - we have witnessed a few first dates, a pyramid scheme meeting, and a guy asking a dad for his daughter's hand in marriage - to name a few.

My sister-in-law came through KC on her way back home and I SO enjoyed getting to spend some time with her.  Wishing I had more opportunities for some quality time with this lady.

Starbucks date with Renee! So enjoy discussing life past, present, and future with you.  

Yesterday was Labor Day and Jen and I decided to do a sneak attack on Laina at work.  Worked like a charm - except the fact she saw us coming down the isle.  There was jumping in the isles of Old Navy... you can bet on that one.

What is new in your world?  I've missed you.