A few recent sassy moments...

What are some of your sassy moments from the last week or two?!


Wow, it's been a while - Insta-update!

Wowza!  I've had these pics ready to go for a while... so it's time to get this blog-sphere up to date!

This goes all the way back to our last snow day.  Oh wait... I'm NOT talking about the snow day on May 2nd (yeah that is a real thing!)

you'll need Milk, snow, vanilla and sugar!

put your 1/2 cup of milk (or half and half) in a bowl with 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/4 tsp of vanilla and stir well.
Then gather 4 cups of fresh (white) snow in another bowl and pour the mixture over the snow.

Mix until you can't feel your arm and you'll almost be there... keep going and you'll hit perfection!

My favorite thing about winter is BOARD GAMES!  Apparently snow, sugar and monopoly doesn't do Jonathan well :) #newsideofhim

Oh... we introduced Molly to the snow (Charlie was scared of being eaten by the snow, I'm pretty sure).  Where you see her above... that's as far as she got! It was adorable to hear her talking and screaming... she wanted to make it further so bad - so. cute.

pretty snow pictures.... sometimes I pretend to be pro photographer :)

snow days also mean homemade donuts.  I grew up having homemade donuts on saturday mornings when I had a friend over for a sleepover, or on snow days!  

Ok... so my friends are cray-cray.  I'm NOT, obviously.  But they decided {read: I convinced them} that we needed to do a 'work tour'... so we first started at OK Joes.  No, internet... no one we know works there.. just seemed like the perfect place to start!

So we went to my work, Jonathan's work, and Jen's!  It was a BLAST! It is amazing how much fun we have doing simple things like seeing one another's desk that we work at day in and day out!  

So I'm driving and all of the sudden, at a stop light Jen goes, 'Hey look, it's cousin It!' #speechless

This was such a fun craft day!  My sister-in-law picked her wedding colors and found paint samples that were perfect matches and sent them to us when she first started planning the wedding.  So for her personal shower gift (honeymoon survival kit - my signature gift) I went to home depot and got several more of the paint samples she had sent us and made tags for each item in her survival kit!  It was SO much fun!!

OK... I'm slowly but surely getting you caught up on my life... more to come soon!