Fall reminds me of..

some great memories growing up.   I don't even know why they were flooding my mind on my way home today... But I couldn't help but smile.

First of all... when I was little I thought that God changed the colors of the leaves JUST for my birthday.  :)  I've ALWAYS loved this display of God's beauty in nature.

My next door neighbor, Renee lived next to one another for 15+ years.  Several years when we were younger she would take me for a ride in her wagon for my birthday. We would stop at each pile of leaves on our walk around the block and we would pick out the most beautiful leaves we could find.  We would then put them in a zip lock bag and they would go under my bed until the next year.  When the next year came... we'd take the zip lock out and dump the leaves and fill it up with the new favorites  for the year.  I'm not sure how that little tradition got started... and to be honest, until today I had completely forgotten about this birthday activity.

Since I was thinking about Renee- I also started thinking about how we used to have this fancy gold envelop that had a velcro closure -- it was a gift certificate holder back in the olden days when gift certificates were not on plastic debit cards.  {I hear a gasp from all the youngins} So we would write notes to each other and hide the envelope around the outside of our 2 houses and to get the note- we'd have to find the hidden golden envelope!   Just makes me giggle b/c my love language via the written word really did start early!

I had completely forgotten about this memory as well.  I love when the Lord brings back special memories like these.

What memories come flooding back into your mind around this time of year?