Top ten...

current events in my life... (in no particular order)

1. I've scheduled a physical for Scott and myself.... anxiety is slowly creeping in

2. really wishing that there was a fort in my living room.. #weekendproject

3. currently cuddled up in my Mizzou blanket, next to my honey, with Molly laying on my legs... some of my favorite moments

4. just got home from the fall festival at church.. the costumes were adorable.. I opted for feeling like a little girl again...

5. community is not always easy... but I whole heartedly believe it is worth every tough moment

6. desperately wanting some pumpkin pie

7. currently loving my job and learning so much about all things HR and loving ever second of it

8. stoked to be in my brother's wedding in March... so happy for both of them... here is one of their engagement pics -- such a beautiful couple!!! (more on these 2 to come...)

9. having a hard time parting with my car.. but it must be done #dowhatyagottado

10. my house is in desperate need of my attention.. yet I continue to ignore it

what is going on w/you?!  Good, bad, and the ugly?


  1. If you need help building a fort, call me up. We used to build forts in college all the time. Seriously. :)

  2. #1 makes me laugh... I don't know why. :)
    Your brother and future sis are beautiful together!
    If you make a fort in your living room, can Jadyn come play for awhile....? :)

    1. I know exactly why #1 makes you laugh... b/c you know exactly how I'm feeling :)

      They are adorable together... so true! she is totally worth waiting all of this time for a good sista in law!

      Uh-- yes, absolutely Jadyn will be the 'reason' for the fort I make one day... b/c adults don't make forts... right?

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I popped over to check yours out too. :) Love your list....Well, most of it anyway. I don't get too excited about doctors either! I broke down and made a pumpkin pie (and a turkey/stuffing casserole) a few weeks ago. Definitely a good thing!

    What kind of dog is that gray one in the pic of your brother and his fiance? It looks like a giant teddy bear!

    1. He is a giant teddy bear--- one of the sweetest dogs ever!!!

      OH I'm so jealous of the pumpkin pie... I just found out that I like pumpkin pie last I'm so ready for another dose!

  4. If there is fort building, I'm there. But seriously. I think I just invited myself over for forts and girl talk. Oh! And hot chocolate, of course. You tell me when. ;)


    P.S. Feelin' that community bit. It's beautiful, but we're so broken. Hang in there, beautiful!

    1. I love it when you comment on my blog, Laina! :) Wish I could comment on yours... #justsayin #switchtoblogger

      Agreed... it is too beautiful not to continue pursuing community. So glad you're a part of mine... I truly cherish you, girl!

  5. I'm right there with you on #5. I desperately long for community and I feel like I truly understanding the old adage "If you want friends, you have to be a friend." It isn't always easy for me to jump in and put myself out there, but I am finding that the more I do, the more connected I feel to the larger community and body of Christ and it is so worth it!

    1. You're so right, it is hard to put yourself out there... to be so vulnerable and transparent.. oh but the reward is great. so great.

      I have experienced the same-- the more I put myself out there and build community... the more the Lord blesses me and that relationship.