Post It Worthy Moments....

Alright... your turn... share your 'Post It Worthy Moments' from this week!


It is official... I'm a Siesta!!!

Dear Internet...

I am so ashamed to look back at my last post and notice the last update was in September!  Yikes!

Well a few things to update you on...

#1. Scott is doing well- now with a 'sergetical behind'- he is almost sitting normal again!  Please pray for his continued healthy recovery.

#2. My MBA program is off to a great start... I've been working really hard to do well and make every penny worth it.  (I'm actually enjoying it... nerdy- I know)

#3. Work is wonderful- I have been given some additional responsibilities which really proves how much they value me as an employee! We'll see what the future holds.

#4. My good friend and mentor, Jamie Franz, and have become Siestas together!  We are bound and determined to be in Houston, TX this time next year for Beth's gathering!!  I'm excited to spend time memorizing the Word... I've never been very good at memorization... but I'm confident nothing but good can come from trying!

#5. Along with a new year... a new plan is in action for my weight loss adventures.  I purchased the 'Wii Active' set (which I've heard is amazing!)  and I have dusted off my weight watchers books... I'm gonna try to finally defeat this life long battle- head on!  Wish me luck!

#6. Basically every single person around me is pregnant.. which is amazing!  I'm so excited to hold some babies!  However... I've had a horrible dose of baby fever myself.. and- if you noticed my second thing on the list--- I have some time before that can happen.  (Lord willing!) But God is good, by BFF is in the same boat- so we'll get to wait it out together!

It has been WAY too long since I've heard from all of you... so PLEASE update me on your lives!

PS:  I promise to try and update more than once a quarter...