100% extrovert...

I. AM. EXTROVERTED. First step is admitting it, right?

The psychology major in me would love to share with you one of the main difference between introverts and extroverts. It is all about what one needs to be 're-charged'.   Introverts typically need some time to themselves in order to recharge, while typically extroverts need to be around others to be recharged.

I'm sure there are opportunities and threats to both, but tonight... I'm dissecting the extroverts specifically. #sorrynotsorry

Disclaimer: I've been resisting my twitter obsession and avoided blogging in hashtags, but I can't take it any longer!

So, I am in the business world, HR specifically... And I love every second of it. So naturally I SWOT analyze everything... It's the only true way... Right?! ;) Oh sorry, it means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  Don't worry, I'll try not to bore you with an entire SWOT analysis.

Well at Launch we had a great discussion that made me realize the dangers (threats-SWOT style) being an extrovert can have on me.   Because introverts need time to themselves to recharge.. they usually have an internal signal that tells them they are past due for some 'me time'.  I don't have such a signal.

Our discussion was wonderful because it made me realize this danger... because I am extroverted, I don't take time for myself.  I don't even realize that I need it, but realistically everyone needs at least a little time to themselves (some need more time than others) if for no other reason than to get to know yourself... right?  Now that I think about it... the introverts I know, know themselves better than most do.  That is the danger of being an extravert in my world.  I don't know myself and my real needs as well as I should.

During this discussion Kandy (oh my goodness, she is a VERY wise woman of God whom I totally and completely adore-- she is such a blessing in my life- words can't even describe-- well maybe they could... *lighbulb: blog topic*).. sorry.. where was I?  Kandy made a comment that 'We can do anything but we can't do everything'.  I was really struck by this because along with being extroverted, I tend to over commit myself.  We talked a lot about knowing our God-given limits and accepting embracing them.  When we realize our limits... we not only lean on Him more for the lack of our ability, He becomes more and more of a real need of ours.  This is beautiful and at the same times produces a little anxiety in my prideful heart.

I look forward to every Thursday night when I get to be around my beautiful community at Launch.  I can't wait to learn and be challenged, and probably cry (we are doing a girls/guy separate study.. its bound to happen)!

Well, I know I could go on for days and days on this topic... but I'll stop right there- for now.

Hope y'all have a great week!


Sweet, Sweet Memories...

Internet... have you heard of a Smashbook?  Really?  They are amazing!  As you know, I love to scrapbook.  Well there are some things (ie: cards, random items) that you want to keep but you aren't sure what to do with them... SMASH THEM!  It is that simple. 


See my logic is, basically things that aren't really able to take up a whole page in a scrapbook... I smash it.  It is a great place to go and look through the notes of encouragement I've received and birthday cards and such.

Notice in the bottom picture... the pile of 'to be smashed' items... can't wait to set some time aside to catch up.  This will be my reward for making huge progress on my goal of cleaning/organizing my home! :)

Internet, do you think we ever get too old to be motivated off a rewards system?  I'm going to take that as a 'NO'!

I love my memories... and I love being able to go back and re-create them in my mind!  What are some of your favorite memories that I have been a part of?  Lets re-live them together!


Post-It Worthy Moments....

Hello Lovelies!

So the cleaning weekend was very successful, now I will admit that I didn't realize how long it would actually take to go through everything and increase my donation to Good Will for 2012.   I still have a long way to go.  I'm ready to tackle the garage after I get done organizing the house! Hoping this motivation sticks!  Next weekend we will work more on mission 'de-crapify'.

Well it has been a while since SassyRay has come out... so here we go... some Post-It worthy moments I've had recently... I'm a little rusty... they will get better with time :)

Please share some of your 'Post-It Worthy Moments'!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Hope y'all have a great day!


House into Home-take 2...

Hey there!  Well today was another successful day in the world of organization.  As I mentioned before, I am taking 1 room at a time... after 2 years of things gathering-- it is taking a while to purge all things unnecessary.

Scott went golfing with his dad today, so I cranked up the iHome and went to town.  I was in town so much so that I missed 2 calls and 2 text messages.  I meant to take a few before pictures, maybe subconsciously I knew that it would be too embarrassing so I just 'forgot'... we'll go with that. 

The victory was won at mission 'De-Crapify':

Yes, I love my granny chair- sobeit!  I call it that because it was a handme down from my grandparents when they moved.  Not gonna lie, most of my house if full of handmedowns, and I love it- for now.

I would love to eventually paint and re-cover the chair above.  The tricky part is... I don't have a CLUE even where to start on a project like that.  I would love someone to help me with this project... just sayin........... let me know if the Lord presses it on your heart to take this on w/me :)

These MU items are temporarily here... until our MIZZOU room (AKA: the basement) is completed.  That is another project that we will get started one of these days.

So in my 'need-to-find-a-home-for-everything-or-throw-it-away' mode today... I came across a craft project I started a few months ago and never finished.  

Well, internet, today was the day... IT IS FINISHED! My newly re-purposed picture frame from college became my weekly menu board!

Before and After:

Well, Scott has homework to do tomorrow... so looks like I'll have another afternoon to work on making our house... our home!

Until next time... stay classy, internet.


House into home...

Happy Friday! 

So after 2 years of: "I'll file that later", "I'll get around to cleaning that after school is over", "Wow, honey, we really need to clean that" s... the time is here.  Watch out world, this chick is in a cleaning mood!  Tonight's mission was to conquer the filing (give me a break... gotta start small - or I'll get overwhelmed--and NOBODY wants that, trust me)

With areas that I avoided eye contact with because they look like this: 

It is time to face my fear of death by paper cuts.  And yes... I AM embarrassed by this.. b/c I truly love organization and orderliness!  At work I rock organization's face off :)  Well, it is time to invest in my own home, and my heart is in desperate need of an orderly home after the last 2 years of no time or space in my brain to worry about orderliness.

I sometimes wonder if this disorderly house is part of the reason I constantly want to be on the go... not spending too much time at my house because of the enormous need for cleaning and organizing.  Hmm... that kind of makes sense now that I have a moment to process it all.  Needless to say, I am super glad the Lord has placed this spring-cleaning-mode on my heart. 

I want my house to be my home... so- that is the goal for the weekend! 

So let the sorting and filing begin: this is my favorite part... ORGANIZING!  I just needed the motivation to get started, and internet... did I EVER get motivated!

Well, I have everything I need to set myself up for success:  my 'to be filed' stack; TLC - Say Yes To The Dress-Atlanta; and my phone/camera (had to be sure you got the full effect)

 I'd say it's been a fairly productive night, while the hubby is watching the Chief's game with a friend.  Got some much needed 'me-time'!

So... stay tuned for the next episode of turning my house back into my home! Can't wait!


Love language of cards...

I love cards.  Yup, that's me.  My love language is giving/receiving cards.

I am not an awesome writer, I am not a fancy pants that makes her own cards.  None of those things... but I love the encouragement that can be given through the written word.  Even better... through snail mail.  There is seriously nothing like it... everyday when I get the mail I always have a tiny tingle in my tummy with anticipation for something exciting to be there.

Not gonna lie, internet, I'm not THAT disappointed when there is nothing but bills and wasted sales pitches in that tiny little glorious box at the end of my driveway.

But putting that key in the whole and turning to the right and opening the door... that is an exciting moment for me.  I know.. it's the little things, right?

Well it gets better... one of my favorite stores is Hallmark (real shocker, right?)... not because of their enormous amount of trinkets and gift wrapping... which I do enjoy from time to time... but because of their CARDS!  I literally get lost in their 'Fresh Ink' section... I spend hours and it feels like a matter of moments.  I read the cards and get ultimate satisfaction when I find a card that immediately is meant for 1 person... and I must buy the card for that person- regardless. I even know the seasons that they remove the 'Fresh Ink' cards from the shelves to make room for the others... so I stock up like a hoarder right before that tragic event takes place!

Take it a step further...if you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love organization and color coding... so I loved creating my 'card box'-- oh and I love the moments where I get to pull that box of love off the shelf and just go to town!

There is nothing like writing a card full of love, encouragement, and affirmation.  Then sealing it up and topping it off with a stamp.  Then the wait begins... how long will it take before they get it, 1 day, 2 days... a week?  Who knows, I don't need to know that they have received the card-- that's not what its about, but it is a game I play with myself.

Something I've done before, and I want to do more often when I sit down to write these cards is to pray over the content I write.  I want the Lord to use me to encourage each recipient the way they need to be encouraged/affirmed/loved that week.  I want to be a small blessing in their life for that 2-3 minutes as they read my card (trying to read my writing can be a challenge, so maybe 5 minutes) and hopefully feel encouraged by what the Lord places on my heart, and often times His own words that He presses on me to include.  I love using the Bible to solidify truth in the words written... I mean you can't argue with His Word, right?!

So that's more about the real me, internet.  Take it or leave it... but I LOOOVE it! 


What a day...

You probably thought I forgot about you... thinking 'Oh great, she posted for 3 days and just up and left again'... well, internet, here I am to prove you wrong :)

Today, Sunday, is one of my favorite days of the week.  I don't like it because I go to church and am fed a 'feel-good' kind of message, no, no, no- I love this day because I go to church and PBC challenges my face off week after week.  My main prayer after leaving is that the truths I have been fed STICK! Oh Lord, please help them affect my heart and take root in my soul!

'What in the world is 'PBC', Raylene?'... Oh sorry, internet-- PBC is short for Pastor Bret Capranica, Scott started calling him PBC and it stuck.  He loves it, I'm sure!  This guy is legit... you have no idea, and praise the Lord for it!  Hope you have a chance to check out his sermons by clicking here.  (If this is your first visit to our site to hear PBC... I suggest starting with the Beatitudes study, titled 'Values for Ultimate Satisfaction:___!)

Then we went to my parent's house and made lunch and then did my homework took a nap before Growth Group at the Moyer's!  Let me tell you something about this group.... I love LOVE this group of believers.  We have every generation represented there... wisdom is shared, songs are sung, and wonderments are discussed.  It is beautiful.  Some of these people I have been going to church with since I was 5... there is just something beautiful about that. 

We don't just get together for the fellowship and eat amazing food, (while that is a perk of this group) we discuss the message from that morning.  I love this part!  There is something beautiful about hearing from people in every stage of life discuss the truths taught that morning. 

Tonight we sat outside and enjoyed God's beautiful clouds and perfectly cool breeze as we discuss His Words... so beautiful.

Then, what better way to top off the night than our first round of tennis for the year!  

After about an hour of tennis, we then hit the track here at LSHS (Go Tigers!), where the intention was to just walk.  We ended up running/sprinting the straights and walking the curves... it was beautiful.

**Disclaimer:  I'm glad I'm writing this tonight b/c I know in the morning that last statement would read a little differently**

Well to sum it all up... TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!


A girl named Laina...

I wasn't certain about keeping this tradition alive and forcing myself to 'be real' at least once a week for the whole internet to see.  Then I said to myself... 'Raylene- what do you value?  Honesty, community, transparency, people BEING REAL!'  So here I am... starting Real Ray Wednesdays again...

Today I am going to be real about a girl named Laina.  She is moving back to college tomorrow, so I decided its a great day to tell you a little bit about this beautiful girl.

Let me start by being real with you.. I thought to myself 'Oh, I'd like to meet with Laina some to encourage her and kind of disciple her'.... Wow- Uhhh-- lets just say I'm pretty confident that I learned more than I taught! God is SO good!

Laina has taught me so  God has taught me SO much through Laina, it is unreal.  Talk about a humbling experience... try having someone 7 years younger than you encourage and share wisdom beyond your years!?  Seriously. It happens regularly, and I love feeling humbled by it.

Her beautiful, compassionate heart grips me constantly.  She doesn't just say she loves people... she truly loves them.  She shows love to those around her in such a genuine way, it is so refreshing.  She desires a community that is honest and one where loving one another is a given.  If only I could have been as wise as she is now when I was 19!

Not only has the Lord touched my heart through Laina... He has taught me about art through Laina!  We took a painting class with Scott's mom a few weeks ago downtown Lee's Summit.  Being an art major, I knew Laina would get some great entertainment through attending this class with me. 

*Disclaimer:  If anyone knows me... they know I can't draw worth ANYTHING*  I just assumed painting would be the same... I had never sat down in a chair only to stare at this:           

This was our inspiration picture, called 'The Tree of Life'... so it was neat because the objects in tree represent the fruits of the spirit and I don't remember much about the other symbols.

So little did I know.. that I might have a tiny hint of talent hidden behind that horrible drawing ability:

And the finished product: 

Yup... I'm now a pro.

Ok- so kind of went off on a tangent there... BUT... this girl has a beautiful, God-centered soul that I learn from constantly!  I am excited to watch the Lord mold this young lady into a Godly woman.

Love you, Laina!  We are truly kindred spirits! Can't wait for our next starbucks chat!


2sdayGirlz, how I miss thee...

So typically on a summer night like tonight I would have just gotten home after laughing, praying, crying, talking, reading, discussing this week's chapter of Crazy Love with the other 2sdayGirlz.  However, that didn't happen tonight because summer is about to end... and therefore, 2sdayGirlz has ended for the summer. :(  

It is interesting how 12 weeks with the same group of ladies can become very precious time that truly warms the soul, regardless of age.

So, Raylene-- what is that horrible spelling of Tuesday Girls... and what does it mean?  Well Internet, I'll just tell you:

2sdayGirlz means (To Study, Disciple, and Yak Girlz)-- the 'z' adds a adorable flare!

This started as a great idea among a couple of youth leaders in early spring 2012 'Hey- it'd be fun to get the girls together over the summer for a Bible study'.  God had something even better in mind-- a few months later a couple of the youth girls came to me saying 'Hey- we'd really like to get some girls together over the summer to study a book together!'.  GOD. IS. GOOD.  I loved that these beautiful young ladies knew what their hearts needed and desired it- so I encouraged them to find a book and pick a day/time... so we decided on the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan and met every Tuesday night this summer to discover it together.

It was truly beautiful.

These young ladies are so wise beyond their years.  They desire true community between believers and enjoy encouraging one another and diving into God's truth together.  They are honest, they are forgiving, they are wise.

We created a set of standards and defined 'Girl Code' and each of them took these things seriously and extended so much grace, it was amazing to see at such a young age.  I know when I was their age it was all about ME.  Not these ladies... simply beautiful.

Now, for Crazy Love-- this is a must read.  I know I've talked about it before on here, but I'm for real this time.  There are some amazing truths that really hit the gut-- so beware-- but embrace it... own it!!

So- I miss you 2sdayGirlz and I can't wait until next summer to pick up right where we left off and dive into another book together!  But no worries, internet, we already have several '2sdayGirlz Reunited' sessions in the works :)


I'mmmm baaacccckkk.....

Hi there.  I know I've been gone a while!  Let me catch you up on life:  I am still madly in love with my best friend and hubby, Scott; I am still serving as a youth sponsor alongside him; I am watching the Lord build an amazing community around me and I mean I. AM. BLESSED.; I am sad to watch my college friends going back to school; I'm still sassy; I started Weight Watchers again this week; I just completed my MBA (with HR concentration) last week and found out 5 minutes ago that I will be graduating in December with a 4.0!

Well that about catches you up to speed. Not sure if I'm just really good at summarizing or if my life hasn't been as busy as it seems the last 2 years.

So today I am turning over a new leaf.  Can't promise that I'll always stay on target, or that I will love this new leaf everyday.  But I will promise a few things:  1) I will be honest 2) I will update you on this journey 3) I will neither obsess over nor neglect the type/amount of food I intake- however I will focus on respect and moderation

CAUTION:  If you read the above and thought 'Oh yes!  Another health nut who blogs all about food and exercise.'... THIS BLOG ISN'T FOR YOU.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you come back to visit- but I am not THAT blogger.

I will blog about my life, my God, my Church, those I live life with, Launch (Young Adult Ministry), Grounded (Youth Ministry), things I'm thankful for, being genuine, and my Weight Watchers experience among other random sassiness that may occur.

Hope you stick around... and I look forward to your honesty, accountability, motivation and encouragement!