I'm a few days late... but here is an update on my #gratitudechallenge and a little other instagram action...

life rearranged

Day 3: Happiness - This was taken a few months ago during my first babysitting extravaganza since like 2003!  We had a blast -- this girl is full of so much joy... it is beautiful.

Day 4: Leaves - this is my favorite time of year. (period)

Day 5: Morning Sky - this was a gloomy morning- I was getting ready to leave work... it was so beautifully still and quiet (except for the rain) this morning

Last Tuesday I voted for my 2nd presidential election ever.

Day 6: Books - the left hand side is our wedding book from our photographer... and it is laying on the scrapbook I made of our relationship pre-wedding.  The top right is my 1st smash book - I'm obsessed and waaayyyy behind.  The lower right are a few of my favorite books along with my moleskine notebooks that hold so many meaningful notes from sermons, biblestudy discussions, etc... I have one for every need :)

Day 7: Something Funny - These are some of my youth ladies... they crack me up constantly.  They are goofy, loving, sassy, caring, thoughtful, kind, serious-- and they keep me young.  I'm so grateful for these ladies.

Day 8: Favorite Color - So I kind of cheated here... I love pretty much anything natural wood, the perfect mustardy yellow, gray, beautiful turquoise... these are just a few of my favorites.. there are too many to list!

DATE NIGHT with the hubby!  We don't do this nearly enough... but we had a groupon for one of our favorite places, Hereford House, a well-known steakhouse here in KC, MO.  I so enjoyed this date - #IheartScott

Day 9: Inspiring Person - This is Kandy... there really aren't words to describe how much the Lord has used her in my life the last several years.  She is a leader of our Launch-young adult ministry and she has a passion for the Lord that you can't help but want to be around her to attempt to absorb... she has such a beautiful soul. - so grateful for her!

Day 10: Nature -- this is a little Japanese Maple tree that is in my parent's front yard that I've always loved.  Adoring God's beauty through it today...

Day 11: Something Old - This table was purchased new in 1941 by my Great-Granddad P. when my Granddad was only 8 years old.  There were so many memories made around this table... and it was the table I grew up eating around every night with my family.  I am so thankful for my parents and their value of family time around the dinner table.  This will be joining my home soon (with a little re-staining, new seat covers, and a few new eclectic, colorful chairs) #projectinthemaking  I am so excited for Scott and I.. and our future family... and all of our friends to make even more memories around this table... and engrave those memories in every scratch, crevasse, and squeak.  #simplybeautiful

Last weekend we made dinner for our friends, the Franzes... and when I say 'we' I really mean 'I' :)  But... don't worry-- b/c I got to make one of my favorite meals-- Fajitas!!! and yes... I was conducting my typical cooking show in my head as  prepared!  

I got to have some pumpkin pie.. thanks to our good friend, Jonathan (he is the guy in the background on the left laughing so hard he is crying)  It was yummy-- as usual! I know internet, he doesn't have a blog to link him to though... #sorryaboutit

Gave Scott a much needed hair cut... I have to say that I get better every time.  I think I really started to recognize the increase of skill when I got the cape... it really sealed the deal of 'professional' for me... #mindovermatter ... right?

So this is random... but my friend Meredith and I have this thing... we believe 100% that sauces taste better out of metal ramekins... AND that anything tastes better out of a black straw.... mind blown - aren't ya?  Because it is SO true!

On of my top 5 moments of the weekend-- BFF coffee date w/this lovely!  I love this girl - she has been my best friend for 12+ years now... need I say more?  Well don't worry- I will be posting about this lady sometime soonish in my blog future!

What were some of your favorite moments this weekend?

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  1. oh i'm glad i made the blog :) Pumpkin pie... :)
    and i think it's funny how Scott made the blog hahaha