Beauty draws us in.

This truth is one I've been reminded of so many times since reading Captivating for the first time in college.  In fact my self and my suite-mates had decided to have a 'contract' of sorts where we decided not to date for the entire semester, and instead read this book together and focus on the Lord rather than focusing on the search for Mr. Right- which all 3 of us were focusing on this way too much.  While that proved to be an excellent approach for our hearts, it may not be necessary for everyone to go that drastic.  for me... it was a requirement.

fast forward...

A couple of years ago, in our young adult ministry 'Launch', we split up into guys and girls and did a 'body image' study for a good 10-12 weeks-- it did start out as a body image study and we talked a lot about our insecurities and what the world tries to tell us beauty means.

But honestly - it turned into much much MUCH more than a 'body image' study... however the name stuck somehow - I think it reminds us of where it all started the first time around... and how we must have a true understanding and view of ourselves to align with the Lord's view of us.  This alignment is so essential to achieving the definition listed below of what a beautiful woman of God is like.. how she thinks.

So here is the list us 'launch ladies' made of how a beautiful woman thinks in regards to herself... and others:

-doesn't think about self as central focus
-Godward thoughts
-to think comfortably
-undeceived thinking - seeing things as they really are- as God sees them
-pleasant to self - compliments herself- not vainly but truthfully
-humility that isn't self-abasement
-thoughts of others without jealousy
-willingly compliment others and accept compliments
-not critical of others (gossip)
-not easily insulted
-love authentically
-enjoys others without competition

notice what is NOT a part of this list... not a single mention of how she looks, dresses, what trends she follows, what crafts she is good at, what meals she can cook, how she styles her hair.

isn't that seriously so beautiful?  those things didn't even come to mind when we were brainstorming this list... for a moment those things were not the focus.  Oh how I pray for more moments like that.


well- I guess you can call this episode 1-the intro... we have touched on so many things that I'll have to break this down into different posts to get it all in- and do it justice :)

what comes to mind when you think of characteristics of a beautiful woman of God?

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