what a special day...

For so many reasons...

I got to exercise my right to vote in a presidential election for the 2nd time!

I have a little different perspective on this day this year... Probably bc I'm so much wiser now... right, internet? ;)

This day.. I am filled with patriotism to my core- and this year a new found love and respect for the military... My brother has excitedly given in to the Lord's call for his life to join the army. You can't even know how proud of him I am. (don't worry- I'm workin on a future post about this special guy)

But not only do I feel extremely blessed to be an American... I feel so blessed to be a child of God today.

The election season is plagued with nasty commercials highlighting politicians rudely jabbing at one another back and forth.... And spending millions and MILLIONS to do it.

Today has wonderfully forced me to consider my Savior.. I'm so thankful that no amount of money could ever make me deserve the grace He places over me. No news adds are required to compete for His love.. no debate to prove my dedication or passion for Him... None of those things...

It's so beautiful and humbling to think of the sacrifice that He made for me... The grace and mercy He continually shows me... And I can do absolutely NOTHING to deserve it.

What kind of love is this... Wow.

In this election season.. I am thanking God for choosing me to be one of His children.... I did nothing to deserve it... I've done way more things that DON'T deserve His love and grace...

His grace... such a beautiful, beautiful thing - today and everyday.



  1. mane to this post!! He is the only true hope we have regardless of how our country votes, whether you are happy with last tonight's results or not.