brotherly love...

So thanksgiving is coming up... and it is the holiday that my brother gets to come in town for... so I'm exceptionally excited for this week.  Since it is also my birthday week.. I'm just going to tell myself he is making the special trip just for my bday! :)  #ray'sreality

so here are some of my favorite things about my brother...

- he is considerate.  He always thinks through each scenario and determines who and what will be affected by his decision/actions.. or whatever.  He is constantly going above and beyond  - to the point where I often say 'Oh I would never have thought of that'... he is so special to me

- he is a smarty pants.  I get to brag about how smart he is, because he would never let anyone know otherwise.  He went to a smarty pants school, and another smarty pants law school - where he was an editor of the law review -- and he is currently an attorney who is following the Lord's calling to join the mi li tar y sometime soonish.

- he is thrifty.  This is something I'm thankful for because watching him be super thrifty and being very conscious of his spending has encouraged me to pay closer attention to it through the years.  I appreciate it much more now than I ever did growing up. But sometimes the guy just needs to buy a new pair of shoes... Or jeans.... Or toothbrush :)

- he is loving.  The man knows how to show someone he loves them.  I have loved watching him build a relationship with his now, fiance, Melissa.  I'm such a huge fan.  She was worth the wait, for sure!!!

- he is a risk taker.  He has an adventurous heart and I love this about him because it reflects one way that we are soooooo different.  I am such a safe person... and he encourages the tiny risk taker spec inside of me.

- he is sassy.  I believe I learned most of my sassiness from him! Along with this sassiness come the family stubbornness... I guess I have to claim it too...

- he is protective.  He is a few years older than me and from the time I was really little - he was protective of me.  He took such good care of me as a little kid.  I didn't really even start to appreciate that until we were older... after the terrible teenage years where we weren't particularly close.  We weren't the siblings that fought all the time... but when he went to college - that's when I really began to see how much he means to me.  I missed having him at home... Still do!

- he gives good advice.  He has such sound advice to share... and will share it only if asked.  Sometimes I just want him to offer it with out having to ask... but I appreciate this about him.  I remember him giving me a hug and saying something sweet in my ear right before I walked down the isle to marry my hubby.  I also remember how much I was focusing on not crying before I even hit the isle!

- he is calm by nature.  I like to think that I CAN be calm-natured at times... but I don't think many of my friends would add this to my list of descriptive terms..... :)

- he is a planner... paying close attention to details.  Man after my own heart.  We don't look anything alike.. but we do have this in common FOR SURE.

I could go on and on and on... but I'll stop here for now.

What are your favorite things about your siblings?

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  1. You do have a good brother. :)

    I also have a good brother, who although is actually younger than me, has always acted as my big brother and even introduces himself as that. I think the thing that stinks most about growing up is the way relationships with siblings change - not better or worse, just different! I miss running next door at my parents house to hang out with my brother!