Week 1

Good morning lovelies!

Here it is... an attempt to lose weight.  I have wanted this for a very long time and have tried diet after diet only to find that after a month it is hardly a doable lifestyle change.

So here I am, internet, ready for a public attempt.  This will not be easy... I am going to post at least once a week with my current goals for the week along with any progress.   Now this is where you come in... I am going to need some hard core motivation and support from you!

Week 1 Goals:

1. Walk/Jog at least 3 times
2. utilize 'Lose It' application everyday- which helps count daily calories

How can you help?
I'd love suggestions for goals, motivation, encouragement, Biblical support and reminders...

OK... I'm going to work on completing goal #1 by going for a jog... well mostly walk with some jogging here and there- until I get back in the swing of jogging!

But before I go I wanted to update ya:
*I started my MBA program last week- yay!!
*Our church has a prospective pastor- you have no idea how exciting that is!  Even more exciting... I actually like what I've heard about him so far...
*I'm on vacation this entire week- a much needed break- and a perfect time to start my lifestyle change

OK... I'm off for a jog- I'd love to get updated on your lives!  Please let me know how you've been!


Post-It Worthy Moments....

Hello lovelies!  I know, I know... I have missed you too!! I am really trying to get back into the swing of the blog world... I have had SEVERAL post-it worthy moments since my last post... so I thought I'd share a few....

What are some of YOUR post-it worthy moments?!