So I realize that I'm getting worse and worse about this Insta-Friday thing!  But I love it anyway!

I have missed you the last week, internet.  But I enjoyed some quality time with family and friends... it was so good for my soul!  

life rearranged

Day 12: Hands - This little lady is so stinkin' adorable and we clapped our hands so many times that night.. so this was an obvious choice for this day of gratitude! :)

Day 14: Movement - this day was FULL of twirling in the beautiful fall leaves!

Day 15: Technology - I LOOOOOOOOOVE having my entire life plan (work, life, church, etc) all in 1 place!  Just ask my friends about my contacts in my phone.... :)

Day 16: Animals - Top picture is Molly.. she lays like that quite often... I crack up every. single. time.  Bottom picture is Charlie he is so sassy... and 100% a momma's boy.

Day 17: Memories - This was our first picture ever taken as a couple-  July 21, 2006

Day 18: Something New - This is new to my Christmas mantle decor.. and I'm in love!

I had a physical for the first time that I can remember... and became a hero that day. #ihateneedles

Ok-  I'm not usually THAT person... you know, the one that puts their christmas decorations up the weekend BEFORE thanksgiving.  But this year.. I am that person.  Internet - hear me out here - it was either clean... or decorate.  What would you have done? 

Day 19: Best Friend - This is me and my best friend back in high school - she came on a family vacation to Colorado with me!  We had SOOOOO much fun... oh my goodness--- I crack up just thinking about this trip. :)  #blessed

Day 20: Seasonal - Well my house is now christmas-ified!  Ready for this season!!

Day 21: Where you sleep - This one is kind of weird... but here is where I sleep.  I am thankful for a bed to lay my head and a house to stay warm in.  

 I love this man.  #goofy

Well - I will continue the insta-updating later this week... and hope to be caught up for the real insta-Friday! :)

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!  What was your favorite moment of the week of Thanksgiving?!

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  1. If Scott only knew how many pictures you would take with him after July 21, 2006...

    I love this whole post - makes me laugh.