5 years ago tomorrow....

I was preparing to marry my best friend.

*Picture taken at Passion 06 --- 6 months before we started dating*

Oh my word - you have no idea how much I love reliving the memories of our relationship and this day!  Of course - every day since then has been even better than the day before...  but something is so special about a wedding day.... your own wedding day.  

so here we go.... lets relive this one together... {LOOOOOTS OF PICTURES AHEAD}

The day started out with hardly any sleep - because I was up all night reading the letters Scott had given me after the rehearsal dinner.  AND I was packing for the honeymoon!  Give me a break... I was taking my first flight EVER and wanted to be as prepared as possible.

So we got up and of course my eyes were puffy from crying over the sweet words from my soon-to-be husband.  If you know my hubby at all.. you know he is a man of few words... so when he has some to say - you listen!

We get our hair done at The Style Room downtown and then head to the church to start getting ready for the big day.  

Oh my word, I can't tell you how much fun this was... to spend time with some of my closest girl friends as we get all dolled up!

{all of the photos below are thanks to PhotoMementos this used to be a husband and wife team - the team has shifted a bit -but they are talented photo journalists who captured the perfect moments from our special day}

This girl did NOT want to be taller than her dad walking down the isle... so flats it was

Oh my goodness... these girls are so precious to me! 

So the guys... well they don't take as long to get ready... so they had some time on their hands...

Bryce... being Bryce :)

So now it is time for the first look!  Internet, I know there are soooooo many different opinions on the bride and groom seeing each other before the wedding.  But having that special moment alone with only cameras to capture it... was the perfect way to go for us.  We were able to relax the rest of the day and enjoy spending time with our close friends before the wedding and the rest of our friend and family afterwards!

*curious cats*

So now that we have seen one another... we go around the church taking some couple pictures while we wait for the Limo to take us downtown KC to take group pictures!

*Oh my word he is so good lookin!*

Now we are off to downtown KC!! 

First stop... Liberty Memorial.  Scott and I share a love for skylines... and we happen to be super proud of the one we live near.  KC has a beautiful skyline so we decided to take advantage!

*Yes... we were RUNNING!  It was 2/2/2008 and 40 degrees... so it could've been worse*

After Liberty Memorial we head across the street to Union Station to take more pictures!

*so beautiful*

*so beautiful manly*

After finishing up at Union Station we head back to the church to touch up and prepare for the main event :)

Scott's aunt is so talented at decorating... so she helped us SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much in this area.  I of course loved every detail she included!  

Scott's cousin, Mandy, was our flower girl... she is as cute as a button.. and still is! 

We were having a pep talk about going down the isle and making it all the way down :)  
She was super shy and nervous about it.

Some last minute photos before we get married!!

Lining up to start, and a sweet word and hug from my brother.  Such a special moment... so glad it was captured for me!

Praying with my cousin, John {who officiated the wedding} before we get started

I don't even know what we were talking about here... but I know we were having a blast and enjoying one another so much!  I'm so thankful for these ladies!

There is my man walking his parents down the isle to their seats... isn't Sharon so pretty :)

My brother walking my beautiful momma to her seat...

The moms lighting the candles we used for the unity candle..

Dad and I right before we start making the trek down the isle!  I told him he couldn't look at me or else I'd start crying :)

Blake was our ring bearer and he RAN down the isle ... it was so adorable..

Mandy walked very slowly with her head down... she did so great!  Those beautiful eyes had everyone in the room melted!

Dad... one of the very few times I've ever seen him cry :)  Such a special moment!

Spending some time in prayer with those closest to us before we say our vows... while my uncle sang 'The Wedding Song'... the same song he sang at my parent's wedding...

Ben and Bryce 2 our groomsmen wrote us a song... sometime I'll have to write out the lyrics and share them... he and Bryce are sooooo talented! They recorded the song for me so I get to keep it forever :)

I now pronounce you..... HUSBAND AND WIFE!! :)

Walking out to 'The Danger Zone' from Top Gun!

Me and the MOH after the ceremony!! 

Ok... one of the things I told my photographers... is that I absolutely love the pictures of the bride and groom exiting with the seeds or whatever being thrown on them... oh my word... they did an AMAZING job capturing one of my favorite moments of any wedding!!!

Now to the reception! Our center pieces were cakes {enough to serve the table} with our monogram on top and a ribbon around the bottom with our colors!  We LOOOOOOVED it... and the cake was to die for!!!!!

Where we hosted our reception:

We had so many people that came to celebrate and support us... it was so beautiful to see!  

ohhh yeah.. notice the MU glass :)

Uhhh... notice the 'sassy face' I'm giving him about getting cake on my dress...


Oh well... it was worth the good pics :)

Our first dance as a married couple.... Hope I always look at him like that :)  

Oh yeah... we totally took a few dance lessons with our wedding party beforehand... they totally paid off!  AND we had a blast doing it!

Father/Daughter dance... so precious!

Mother/son dance.. love this!

Wedding party dance... showing off the mad skills they learned!

Time for the bouquet toss!  

My beautiful cousin caught it!  AND... I'm pretty sure she was the next one to get married of these ladies!  She had just started dating Keith right before my wedding, if I'm not mistaken... so sweet :)

Garter toss... love the expressions here....

My favorite part of this picture is April (MOH) in the background asking her boyfriend {now husband} 'why didn't you get it, babe?!' :)  

Well... then we danced the night away!!! 

OK... so today was all about the wedding... tomorrow... be prepared for the mushy i-love-my-husband-so-much stuff!

What was your favorite memory from YOUR wedding?  Not married? ... what are you most looking forward to in your future wedding?!


  1. Raylene!! These photos are amazing, thanks for sharing. It definitely looked like a beautiful day! My favorite moment was our ceremony, my mom's speech and spending the day with all of our family and friends! Happy Anniversary, to many more!

    1. Awe... Megan... I have to say that when I saw your name {profile} linked here... I thought FOR SURE that meant you had started your blog!!!!

      That is so special that you had your mom give a speech... my mom would have been bawling... there is no way she'd make it through a speech! :)

      and Happy {late} Anniversary to you and Jason!!!

  2. I think I just got a little teary eyed! Your wedding was such a sweet special, beautiful day! Sniff. Gorgeous pictures of your day captured!

    My favorite memory of my wedding day were the stolen moments alone and when no one was looking- we were so excited and just kept smiling at each other!

    1. awe.... I get teary thinking about yours too! :) soooooo special!!!!

      thanks for sharing your favorite memory of your wedding day!!

  3. Awww, this is so sweet! I actually teared up a bit at parts :o) And the pictures are beautiful! I totally agree with you too - we also saw each other before the wedding and that moment was just the best! It was so nice to actually get to talk to each other and truly spend our wedding day together. Seeing my hubby's reaction and just having that special time together was amazing. Plus, that's where my favorite pictures came from. I know it's not for everyone, but I always say it was one of the best decisions that we made :o)

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary!!! Can't wait to read the mushy stuff!

    1. Awe... you're so sweet! Weddings do make me tear up too... they are just so special!!!

      I couldn't agree with you more... LOOOOOOVED having that moment and I couldn't have said it better... getting to actually spend the whole day together with him and our wedding party was so much fun!