snow day...

Dear Internet,

I heart snow.  Something about the biter cold air and the automatic peaceful atmosphere when there is snow on the ground... just makes my soul smile.  The way you can hear the snow hitting the ground because of the quiet.  Something about laying on the mattress of snow and looking up into the falling snow... Something about the way it forces life to slow down. The smell that snow brings.. oh it is all so so good.

I am also blessed to work for an organization that puts safety first!  AND give the tools necessary to work from home.  I am very thankful for this opportunity with weather like today!

Scott's work and school were closed... we had some quality time today.  He studied while I worked... and the kitties got as many cuddles as possible.  So after I got off work for the day we bundled up and decided to shovel the forever long driveway.

About 35 seconds into our time of shoveling... we were both done.  and starting to sweat!  So after I partially un-bundled I needed a hair tie... well I had snowy boots so I couldn't walk through the entire house to get one.  So I started a new trend.  Wow knew chip clips had so many uses?  Worked like a charm!

Of course we rewarded ourselves with some snow angel time... so. much. fun!

So when we were looking at houses to buy.... having a long driveway was on the list.... rethinking that one being on the list today. :)  

We may have decided that we'd do 1 3/4 of the drive way so we can both get out... but we didn't have to do every square inch of it... and it may or may not have been the side I was shoveling that was the 3/4.  But hey... I get some sort of wife award for helping shovel, right?!

Excited for the fun in the snow!  uhhhh... internet,  I didn't feel like makeup today. #sorrynotsorry

He is so cute it hurts me!

Oh... so I kind of like soup now... so I'm very thankful for Costco!  I am so thankful we had some of this yummygoodness in the fridge just waiting for a day like today.

Here are those cuddles I was talking about... Molly was in this exact position on Scott's belly probably 3/4 of the ENTIRE day! So. Adorable.

My view as of 8am this morning... the snow is now above that bottom vertical fence post thingy.  LOVE IT!

Guess what?! I hear tomorrow is another snow day!  YAY!

How did you spend your snow day?!

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