This weekend...

As you've probably already gathered from the last few posts... Scott and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this weekend!  

Since I had a wedding at our church to coordinate that afternoon - we did an anniversary lunch!  

Here we are headed out for our day of love!

Here is Scott... looooooving him some OK Joe's BBQ ribs! Yum... I of course get what every human being must try once in their life time... THE Z-Man Sandwich! 

Afterwards we went to Blue Chip Cookie... one of my favorite places for sweets EVER!  We used to have one in town, but now the closest one is conveniently near OK Joe's!

Look at that glorious goodness... my favorite kind of cookie - soft iced sugar cookies!  Yum-o  

And they even decorated a whole tray of them JUST for our anniversary... I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that valentines day is around the corner {let me enjoy the moment}

Then we did what any married couple would do on their anniversary... 

Went to the car wash!  It was a beautiful day... what can we say?

The next day was Superbowl Sunday... which means it was Chili Bowl Sunday as well!  This is a very long standing tradition in our youth group {started back when I was in youth- insert cringe} - a mean flag football tournament!

Insert Laina and her mustache?  Not sure... but apparently she agreed to walk out of the bathroom and into the fellowship hall {full of youth} with the mustache on! lol  

The Chili Bowl is one of those events we let our GSM alumni come back and enjoy the festivities... so I was so glad to have Laina back for the event! 

Before we the students hit the mud we have chili, soup, and rotel for lunch.  I tried this amazing soup and actually liked it!  I LOVED IT! It is kind of revolutionary... I feel like I'm joining the grownups now!

Taylor did a great job as the announcer... He could make a career of it!  He kept me entertained the entire time he was announcing.

Some of the GSM girls - getting ready to get their flag-on

Laina and I were supervising the scoreboard... they told us we had to keep track of the score... so we decided that with that kind of power... comes the power to add 'bonus' points as we see fit.  Needless to say... we had a good time :)


Not sure... there are no words.. so I'll just let you gaze

Chili Bowl in action

GSM Chili Bowl participants!!  

After the Chili Bowl is over we always head back to the church for some pizza and to watch the super bowl together!

We always have a devotion during the 1/2 time show


Also.. the sermon on Sunday morning was about anxiety... and man was it powerful!  I can't wait to have some time to listen to it again... it was very very very good!  Check it out here!

Those are the highlights of my weekend... how was yours?!


  1. February 1st, we celebrated 10 years! :) Fun stuff!

    1. Awe- I didn't realize our anniversaries were that close! Congrats!!! :) and welcome back to the blog world... we've missed you!

  2. Too fun! Sounds like a great way to celebrate!

    Btw, I tagged you for the Liebster Award today :o) Check out my blog for the deets:

    1. awe- thanks girl! sounds like so much fun... I'll start working on my post now :)