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So on a normal saturday afternoon in January... it started snowing.  I heart snow.  Now, don't get me wrong - I don't like driving to work in the snow because of the traffic and wrecks that comes with it... but a saturday... yes that is a perfect day for some snow.

So that afternoon I did what any other girl would do... went to Whistle Stop in downtown LS to meet Laina.  I had my favorite iced nonfat vanilla chai latte and sat by the brick wall.  This wall has listened to so many beautiful conversations.  This particular snowy saturday was spent conversing with Laina.  The brick wall heard some brand new information... information she was nervous to share with me.

It was a beautiful time of fellowship with Laina... a lot of processing occurred... a lot of planning... a lot of tough questions asked.  This young lady has such a beautiful soul.

So after the snow-filled coffee date we bundled up and went to meet up with some other special ladies. We picked up Jen then headed over to pick up the twins for our evening of fun!

The #jonestwins  were in 8th grade when Scott and I started helping in the youth group.... they are juniors in HS now... oh my goodness.  time. flies.  

All of the GSM {Grounded Student Ministry} girls seriously encourage me so much.  I love each and every one of them they are each so unique and in the most beautiful way. {I'm sure you'll meet most if not all of them on here at some point}  I love how they work together, love one another, consider others, and love the Lord with one another.  Sure... every group of teenage girls will have some drama... but I have to believe that in the end - it only makes them stronger friends.  A few years ago - it wouldn't be a common thing for the girls to be hanging out with one another outside of our youth activities.  Now... it is uncommon to hear of them NOT hanging out last weekend or before/after a youth event.  It is so beautiful to see the relationships that are being built... friendships that will last a lifetime.  I love getting to watch it happen before my eyes.  Seriously brings me to tears... it is so encouraging.  THIS IS A HUGE PART OF WHAT THE CHURCH IS ABOUT.

I could spend hours on that soapbox... but I'll gently step off and tell you about this fun-filled evening with a few of the GSM ladies+Jen+Laina{former GSM-now-Launch lady}!

It all started off with a trip around LS to gather all of the girls in Civie and head to La Fuente.  Is it a real girls night if there isn't mexican food involved?  {I didn't think so either}  Sadly I must have been super hungry because I neglected to take any pics over dinner... where we ate yummy food, laughed, gave advice, discussed each other... and had the waiter flirting with the girls.  You can bet I gave the sassy look so he'd get a clue.  {you're welcome girls}

We then went to walmart to find me some readers.  Lol... yes my eye doctor told me that I don't need to wear my glasses all of the time... that I should just get the lowest level of readers to wear when I'm reading or working on the computer for a while.  So I figured the girls would ensure I keep my style while picking out some readers.  So of course we were all testing them... and of course so many giggles  took place in the pharmacy section of walmart that night.

Our final destination was good ol' Starbucks - it was cold and so 2 coffee/tea drinks in 1 day was warranted :)  We continued the great conversation... giggling... flirting advice {actually gave anti-flirting advise- can't let these girls get snatched too quickly} #protective

Ahhhh.... needless to say... it was such a refreshing evening.  I love these girls!

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