Insta FRIDAY style...

I don't remember the last time I actually did an Insta-Friday Update ON Friday! But here it goes... following the 'rules' and all :)

life rearranged

We had a 'pizza-off'.  Ok... so I actually just made that up.  But we made homemade pizza over at Jonathan's for one of our Tuesday dinners.

It was January and 72 degrees... I had to turn the AC on in the civic.  #onlyinKC

At Launch we are doing a study through Hebrews and it is rocking my world.  One of our amazing leaders, Kandy said 'Wise people don't just happen'... and let's just say it is trying to sink in.

I know you read all about my anniversary... but it happened and I got to have my absolute favorite cookie {iced sugar cookie from Blue Chip Cookie}

On my anniversary I got to coordinate a wedding at my church and this couple is absolutely adorable!  I so enjoyed helping them with the ceremony preparations. #SWBCwedding

I started liking soup.  Crazy I know... but it happened on super bowl Sunday.  This chicken noodle soup from Costco is one of the best ever!  Not to mention the chicken and pasta soup at cascones... YUM!

I joined snapchat because these girls told me to.  I love love love it.  These girls are stinkin' adorable.  

Started a new book.  Trying to find a book for 2sday Girlz study this summer!

Went to Jen's to do some yoga and found her decorating... love watching her and learning from her.  She is seriously domestic queen... and guys...she is single.  I know I don't get it either.  This girl was born to win best wife/mom/home-decorator/cook of the year award EVER. YEAR.

So I'm sure you heard... but after 4 days of battling a fever that wouldn't leave me... I found out it was bronchitis.  Yuck... but so glad that is over.

While I was still battling the fever I thought I'd brave the 2 hour road trip to the MU game.  It was totally worth it.  But then I had to walk 2 miles in the super windy cold air to get to our car.  Insert fever spiking again that night.  :(  BUT WE WON!! They needed me there, right?  

Just one of my favorite moments.  My favorite thing about long road trips... he drives and I hand cuddle.  hehe

While I was sick I posted on twitter and facebook that I needed a sugar cookie and BADLY.  Well Jamie and her beautiful little girl, Jadyn, decided I really needed some homemade chocolate chip cookies.  They were exactly right... that is just what I needed!

The youth ladies and Laina made me feel so loved, even though I was too sick to attend youth that day.  

I'm in love with this garland that Laina gave me. IN. LOVE.

Target trips with Jen are ALWAYS an eventful thing.  Not only did she get hit on and her number asked for... she found the boots worn when we landed on the moon!  

Dinner at the Franzes... love these nights.  This one was full of Mall Madness, fajitas, cookies, and Say Yes to the Dress.  

Spent some time this past week blogging and making vanilla chai at home.  YUM.

Jen... I'm telling you this girl has a gift.  She decorated my dessert and I loved it too much not to share.

What have you all been up to lately?!  


  1. Awww, I love you. I think you're selling me too high on the blog, though. I can't live up to these expectations! We need more pics of you and me together. Friend photo shoot, soon?

    1. Not over selling in the least! and YES... we do need a friend photo shoot stat! Before Vinnie gets evicted... :)

  2. "it is trying to sink in" <---- like

    and "hand cuddle" had me smiling. as did mentioning Target ;)

    over from the link up

    1. Thanks for visiting! Hope you stop by again!!

  3. After reading this, I definitely think we could have own reality show. Ha