Well- the hubs is 'being a student' and using the laptop so here I am... texting a post to you... {ignore all mis-auto-corrected words below}

Today it seems fitting to share some things I'm thankful for right now:

-GSM students
-thoughtful friends and family
-prayer - not only the concept of it being a way for me I communicate with The Lord... But the way it strengthens friendships... The way it is used to show love... Needless to say... I'm feeling so loved lately and so thankful it stems from prayer
-peace... The kind that can only come from God... Feeling it today... For this moment and so thankful for it
-rainbow chip cake AND icing
-Scott... He is so extremely good for me. He has such an amazing amount of peace and assurance- it is so refreshing and for that I am so thankful
-my cats... #sorrynotsorry how do pets seriously know when you need their cuddles and affection most?!
-education... Scott is getting smarter everyday and while he is already one of the smartest people I know... I am thankful for this ed-u-mication he is working hard to get
-the Lord's timing... I know it seems so silly... No really likes this right?! Bc it means we usually have to wait longer than we wanted or not long enough! Well- today I'm so insanely thankful for His perfect timing.

What are you thankful for today?!


  1. I am Thankful for my amazing partner and Hubby
    Good friends :)
    And rainbow chip cake leftovers!

    1. I'm sooooo glad you made rainbow chip cake for wednesday dinner this week... seriously it was exactly what I needed :)