This is one of my favorites, and one of those dishes people ask me to make!


You will need:
1 block of velveeta
1 lb of ground beef (actually only use about 2/3-3/4 lb)
1 taco bell - taco seasoning packet
1 can of rotel
Crock pot liner - {you WILL thank me later}

1. Seriously... the crock pot liner is a must.. especially when dealing with cheese.  Maybe you clean your pots the moment you're done using it... me - not practical.  It will set for a day or two... or five before I get around a chance to clean it... and that = nasty cheesy glue that refuses to come off the side of the crock pot.  

2. Cut the block of velveeta into cubes by cutting down the middle of the block then turning it on it's side and cutting down the middle again.  

3. Strain almost all of the liquid out of the Rotel and add that to the velveeta cubes in the crock pot.  Now - if you're like me and don't like chunks of junk... well - just get over this picture because if I can handle it... ANYONE can.  Seriously - you hardly notice they are there once it is all yummy and melted into cheesy goodness.

4. Brown 1 lb of ground beef (Scott prefers me to not use the entire lb so I put some of the taco meat to the side for lunch the next day - but feel free to use it all - I always did pre-scottie-too-hottie).  When all of the beef is cooked, reduce heat a little and add the taco seasoning and I always just fill the empty seasoning packet with water to add to the meat.  Don't ask why... but my mom always did this... so I'm just keeping that one alive.

5. Let the beef cook until all of the water you added is gone - so you know the seasoning is soaked into the meat?  {sounds good... lets go with that}

6. Stir every little bit until all of the chunks are melted.  Feel free to add some evaporated or regular milk if you like yours a bit runnier... I like it kind of thick so I don't tend to add any milk.

We always have a tupperware full of tortilla chips waiting to be munched on.

Ok... do you see the bottom 2 pictures?  seriously... it doesn't get ANY better than that.... lift the liner and toss!! Now that is MY kind of cleaning!! :)

Next objective... teach the dishwasher how to put away the clean dishes....

Let me know if you try it!


  1. Looks pretty good! I've been on a mexican food KICK lately. It's my second form of comfort food, :)

    1. OH girl, me too! I LOOOOOOOVE mexican food. I could eat it every day!!!