I am helping, along with a few other ladies, to plan a ladies event this spring at my church.  I helped, with this same group of ladies for the spring event last year.  It was our first event like this and we had over 80 ladies in attendance.  LOVE IT!  We had a welcome session, 5 different break out sessions/workshops for attendees to pick from, wonderful coffee and desserts, fellowship, panel sessions.... the whole nine yards... it was marvelous!

So our ladies ministry leader felt the Lord leading her to do another spring event... we met for the 2nd time {this go around} tonight after our regular Wednesday activities.  I love it because we have never just assumed the event would be structured a certain way... in fact this next spring will look completely different than last spring.  I love that we don't force the topic to the structure but rather adapt the structure to the topic.  

This 'committee' {if you must} is made up of 6 ladies... and to be completely honest - the first few moments of these meetings aren't always the most comfortable.. and I love it.  Why?

Well because while we are all a part of the same church body, we are not directly involved in one another's direct community.

No, Raylene... why do you love it?

Ohhh... well - I love it because it means I'm stretching myself.  It means that I CAN still be stretched {even in my old age- walked right into that one}.  I love it because each time I meet with them - the time spent in 'discomfort' gets shorter and shorter.  I love it because each time I am getting to know each and every one of them a bit more... hearing their heart a little deeper each time.  I love it because it means community is being built.  It isn't quick... like I said we planned the one last year together... and have met twice about the event coming up this spring... and it is still a bit uncomfortable.  It isn't quick but it is genuine and not forced.  It is beautiful to see how intricate the Lord is - how He is revealing more and more about each of their hearts to me as I hear them talk and discuss our plans/brainstorming.  I love it because I get inspired, encouraged, humbled, enlightened by these ladies each time we gather. I love that we are each in a different stage of life and yet still able to connect.  I love it because each of these ladies are so unique and beautiful from the inside out-- and probably don't even realize it.  I love it because some of these ladies I may have no other reason to communicate with/spend time with/laugh with/brainstorm with- without this spring event which continues to bring us together.  I love it because I leave our meetings feeling so blessed, encouraged, loved, inspired and humbled.  I love it because it means I have somewhat 'forced' time to set aside to dig deeper with these ladies and begin to develop relationships-- who are not a part of my established core community.  I love it because there is no pressure to force each other into our core communities - but rather to create our own 'special' community established around these events.  

...THAT is a beautiful picture of community today

What is community looking like to you this week?


  1. Definitely enjoying the community this group creates, and looking forward to seeing how out community of women will respond to this subject!

    1. Agreed! I hope it is received well... I trust the Lord will begin to soften hearts to hear and embrace our discussion focused on community.... can't wait! :) So glad to be a part of this group of ladies with you!