100th Post...

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the internet all of my faithful readers... whether I guilt you into reading or you choose to read on your own.  I cherish each and every one of you... even those of you I have no idea follow me.

Internet, I have to admit that when I started this blog back in 2009 or 2010?  I only wanted to see how many 'followers' I could get on blogger.  I aimed to please any ear that would listen eye that would read.  I focused on silly, mundane things and didn't get 'too deep' for the fear of disappointing a lovely follower.  I think I even wanted to become a trendy blogger... one that earns a living by blogging and stays home, takes care of her kids, blogs daily, makes beautiful things (food and otherwise).  Pioneer woman started small too, right?

While who wouldn't love to earn a living by writing all about life?... I have changed the meaning and purpose of this blog since then {hope you've noticed}.  I will admit that I still love checking to see how many have read and/or commented on my blog... however, it isn't my driving force anymore.  I don't walk on my tip toes to blog only about 'surface' or 'mundane' or 'likable' things.

When I got done with school in August of this year - I gave my blog a fresh look.  I changed my title from 'Captivating Moments' to 'Living Life...'  I wanted to broaden my scope and write about what I'm passionate about.... community, faith, family, friends, real life, and food with the occasional sassy post, trip down memory lane or pinterest discovery (good and bad)!

I've been spending some time re-reading over some of my older posts and enjoying the memories.  It is so refreshing - I have loved looking back on old posts and re-living those moments.

So here it is... my 100th post in and hope to continue strong - Lord willing.

What drives you to blog?  What keeps you reading blogs - what draws you in?


  1. Honesty is what keeps me reading blogs. I don't want o read about a perfect life- I want to read about a real one!

    I think maybe that's why our friendship has lasted!

    1. Agreed - 100%!!! :) Can't wait to hang out this weekend!!

  2. Well said! It's interesting how our "blogging purpose" changes over time. I love to blog for a few reasons.
    1) I just LOVE to write.
    2) I love being able to look back on our year and see how far we've come.
    3) I've actually gained a lot of deeper friendships by the things I share. Who knew that some fellow bloggers I've never met would be some of my favorite gal pals?

    Anyway, so glad you're blogging again and HAPPY 100TH! Can't wait to read what's to come!

    1. love your list! so true.... I have never been a writer... so this has been a god challenge for me- in that regard!

      I love looking back at previous posts and pictures as well.

      That is so sweet, I love that you've built some great friendships from blogging.

      Thanks lady! I can't WAIT to see pics of your baby! I so enjoy 'staying in touch' through your blog! :)