Launch... On prayer

So the guys and girls are still separate at Launch and the ladies have been talking about prayer.  It has been such a wonderful topic to discuss with these ladies.

So a couple of weeks ago we were discussing praying through scripture, and it corresponded nicely with the sunday morning service because we have been going through Matthew 6 - the Lord's prayer.  So we all spread out all over the church for 20 minutes alone to spend in prayer - she encouraged us to spend some time praying through scripture. This has not always been a part of my prayer routine, so I was definitely outside my comfort zone.

After the 20 minutes of prayer time, we gathered back together to discuss our experiences.  It was clear to me what was holding me back.  Our culture.  "Finish what you started"; "Hurry, be the first one done"; "The faster the better"... are all aspects of our culture that flooded my mind during this prayer time.

One of the avenues we discussed was to pray through each phrase.... emphasizing different words each time you read it.  Think through each and every word and how it impacts the message of the passage.

I decided to try this method - however all of the above thoughts kept coming to my mind.  "you only have 20 minutes to get through the entire Lord's prayer... you'll never get done going so slow... it is only worth doing if you get through the entire passage".

How sad is that?

Why can't I be satisfied just making it through one phrase of the passage?  Why do I hurry myself to feel some sort of adequacy?  Why does the number of verses equal relevance and productivity in my prayer life?  I let so much pressure from our culture influence how I meditate on the Word.  Wow.... that was a hard hitting reality that night.

Heaven forbid I only read/meditate/pray through 1 verse each session? Why do I put the pressure on myself to so as much as possible and get through it all?

Just something I'm learning about myself and my prayer life.  I tend to hurry through my prayer... not sure if it is all in an effort to feel productive, or to 'free up' God to listen to prayers from others?

Why do we I try to limit God to what my mind can comprehend?

Thoughts? How do you combat the pressure our culture places on hurriedness in your prayer life, or am I the only one that feels it?


  1. There you go again....keeping it real :) Honestly, I struggle not with rushing through, but making the time for... :( How unfortunate is that! I pray continually for others from the moment I wake throughout the day, my struggle is the sit down and meditate part....right there with you Raylene! So I believe this is part of the process of being sanctified....seeing where I need God's mercy to pour out onto me and change me into a person that craves that slow down and meditate time with my Creator!

    1. Love this so much... thank you for sharing... I am right there with you. :)

  2. Ahh, so good. Yes, it is true - you bring such good perspective...slowing down to just "be" has to be intentional - just like you are recognizing here.