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Internet, I didn't get my 'real ray wednesday' post up yesterday... but I have a great excuse.  I was with the GSM students... walking the plaza passing out candy canes as we do every year.  We then continued our tradition of going to Winsteads on the plaza for dinner and shakes afterwards.  It is so beautiful.  This tradition started back when I was in youth... and love that it is still one of the events students look forward to the most!  We had a huge group this year.  Needless to say,  I had a great night!

Here is a much needed insta-update:

life rearranged

I'm pretty much obsessed completely consistent in my dinner of choice...

Stepped out of my comfort zone today... navy, gray, and mustard yellow.  I mean I love these colors... but hadn't worn this outfit together at work.  

This was on 'national hot chocolate day' ... right after we came inside from watching a 'meteor shower'... more like a sprinkle.  I think I saw 3-4 in the 10 minutes we were out in the frigid air.  Yet... it was probably one of my favorite moments of the evening... being cold brings out the crazy in myself my friends...

One night last week we had a family cuddle night.  It was so wonderful.  We did nothing and I enjoyed every single second of it.

Date night at Em Chamas {brazilian steakhouse} it was sooooo yummy!  Not sure if you realize how much I love groupons.  The only way we'd EVER get to try some of these places.

Every single time we empty a package of toilet paper or paper towels... it is Molly's favorite day.  Thank you Charmin and Bounty!

These pictures make me laugh... notice who is actually doing the work.. and who is doing the observing :)

New wall decor - and just had to make it holiday appropriate while I was at it!  Thanks to Jen for helping me in every fashion sense of my life.

I've been done with my MBA since August.. but this last weekend I FINALLY got to have some closure.  Graduation, baby!  

My mom and dad gave me roses, a diploma frame from Baker, and some diamond earrings!  They are so beautiful!  I got a few adorable cards from Scott's family and can't wait to spend their gifts.  We all went to OK Joes after the ceremony to celebrate my bday AND graduation :)  

Since Scott was a little guy, his family has made christmas trees.  We have continued the tradition even as adults... and they seriously get better every year!  The powdered sugar at the end really sets this forest apart.  #christmastraditions

I seriously love this time of year.  Not JUST because of all of the mail I get :)  But I love getting to catch up with friends and family through their cards.  Scott and I haven't sent cards the last couple of years - figure we'll wait until we start having kids.  

This last weekend we had a crazy night of Nertz.  Scott doesn't like this game.. so he was our cheerleader... or maybe just made random noises in the background :)  Don't worry... I took names as usual.  #nertzqueen

"Did you just drink out of the same cup?!?" lol {had to be there moment}

Today was the first snowfall of 2012!  So excited about the white powder cover the ice that covers my backyard.  So beautiful.  I wish it would stay long enough for Christmas, but that isn't very likely. 

How was your week? Favorite moments?

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