Jen and Walmart...

Went to Walmart with Jen... She feels a strong sense of entitlement to walmart because her family is from Arkansas- and I love her for it.  So of course we were looking for princess parking {parking lot stalkers}... We admit it, Internet.

{not taken during walmart adventure}

When we noticed a spot on the next aisle over we were on a mission to get it-- then we were almost to the end of our current aisle and we saw another car get it... Grrrrrr, right?!

So what did we do? Go to the next aisle anyway and drive around? Uh- not how we operate... We put that white focus in reverse and back up to wait for another spot... But had to stop and move forward because another car further behind us pulled out and was behind us wanting out of the aisle.... Lol.

So we went to the next aisle... For an open spot I saw during the reverse debacle .... Then we saw someone else putting things in their car- 2 spaces closer than the ealier spotted space... After a good 10 seconds we noticed she had a bunch of suff to unload?!?!

By this time we were laughing so hard we were crying and our smile muscles hurt so bad.

Needless to say.,. We were late to Launch by only 3 minutes bc of our semi-princess spot!!

So to top off the night... Jen was in one of her Julie Andrews kicks... And we sang and cracked up the entire way to launch!  I know you're wondering internet - yes... being in her 'Julie Andrews' kick also includes british accents.

"Raindrops on roses... Pickles and mittens"

{also not taken during walmart adventure}

Potentially one of those 'had-to-be-there' moments... but this was a memory I needed to document.

I love this girl.


  1. You're the one with the gift of princess parking. I simply get what I get.
    And I really appreciate that you called it a British accent, even though it sounds nothing like a British accent. :) Love you, girl.

    1. Hahha.. true true. You look British when you are speaking in her voice... so that counts!