So apparently I am rebellious against Insta-Friday.... not sure why.  Working internally to figure that one out... but until then... here is an update :)

This will wrap up my gratitude - photo-a-day challenge for the month of November! I enjoyed the challenge... but was not successful at posting a picture every day - something to improve on next time around.

By far one of my favorite breakfast get-ups!  If you've never had Shatto Whole Chocolate milk... are you living?  You've GOT to try some.  Scott loves their strawberry milk... not so much for this girl - but chocolate is yuuuuuuummmy!

 crazy random girls night... I'm totally regretting the decision to not purchase the jingle bell ring... #retailregrets

Day 22: Clothing - This is a black shirt, grey sweater and teal scarf

Day 23: In Your Closet - have I mentioned that I love scarves? 

Day 24: Gratitude - best day of my life.  So thankful for Scott and our marriage... can't wait to live the next 75 years serving beside him.

Day 25: Artwork - Laina, Sharon and I took an art class in downtown LS and you can see more details from that event and this beautiful girl next to me - here...  I so enjoyed getting to play with paint... first time I had ever done that.  Can't wait for the next

Day 26: Transportation - I am so thankful for a reliable car that gets me to and from work.  Doesn't hurt that it is super cute and I feel like a celebrity when I drive it.  #2nd-car-ever-syndrome

Day 27: Daily Routine - When I get out of the shower, I let the cats in our bedroom - every. morning.  Then I dry my hair and Molly knows this is part of the morning routine... but she has added a special step about a year ago... she now uses her adorable little paws to knock a cup, or soup, or toothbrush, or whatever she can find into the sink.  I think this is her way of letting me know she is ready for her morning drink.  Well - don't worry, internet... I don't give in - right away.  I wait until I'm done with my hair before I give in :)  Potentially one of my favorite parts of every morning.

Day 28: Nighttime - This was a last Friday night... and I'm still cracking up over it.... and still wondering how it all actually happened the way it did.  I think I gained a couple of new blog followers from the deal - Rachel and Monica are some sweet ladies who I met through Jen - we have so much fun together.  Can't wait for the next girls night!

Day 29: Light - I love lamp.

Graduation is starting to actually feel real.  It is next saturday.. and I can't wait to close this chapter of my life.  I had such a great time and made a few long lasting friendships through the course of this 2 year program!  

Day 30: Self Portrait - You've seen this before if you've visited my 'About Ray' tab at the top of my blog... but this was the day after my most adventurous moment ever... when I let my friend Jen cut 8 or so inches off my hair. Uhh... internet, in real life she is a teacher... not a hair stylist! 

How is your week?!


  1. These are all so fun!
    YAY for graduation - you go girl!
    Your hair is SOOOO cute in that last photo! It makes me want to get some long sideswept bangs.
    And that cereal looks so yummy! I'm gonna have to try that milk (I'm a total milk junkie!) Where did you get it from?

    1. Thanks lady! I am a fan of the sideswept bangs. I got it from HyVee... it is a local farm here in like north of KC area. Hope you can get it where you are b/c it is suuuuper good! Let me know what you think once you get to try it!

  2. Replies
    1. :) PS- I love your new hair do! super cute!!!