Yes, it's THAT time of year...

ahhhh..... everything in me smiles with the fresh air that Spring brings!

I had to update my blog look because my blog was screaming for some spring lovin!!

I have gotten to begin one of my favorite things in the world... spring joggin... I'm not sure why I limit this to spring... I think I typically get burnt out... and then it gives me something to look forward to the next time spring comes. Hmm... I should probably work on changing that.

Top 10 Favorite things about spring...

1. Flowers

2. Walking/Jogging (especially walking around the Plaza)

3. The sun shines later

4. Tennis (don't worry... I'm not that good)

5. Flip-Flops - by this time of year.. my feet are SCREAMING to be slipped into the most comfortable shoes on earth

6. Starbucks-vanilla-bean-frappuccino-double-blended-please (totally defeats #2---worth every sip!)

7. Patio seating at restaurants and such

8. Cook outs- my good friend Joe is the king of grilling!

9. Skirts- you'd think I'd hate wearing skirts b/c I had to wear them every day in high school... but really it made me LOVE them even more! I actually REALLY disliked wearing skirts before transferring to a private school.

10. Frisbee- I know this is totally part of my college days... but I absolutely LOVE playing frisbee!

What are you top 10 favorite things about Spring?  If you post about this... be sure to comment on my blog with a link to your post!

PS: I'm trying out a new look to the blog... let me know what you think of it.. I took a picture of the most beautiful wild flower I've ever seen! I had to take like 10 pictures of it b/c it took my breath away! So thats why it is now my header picture! and the pic for #1 is from the same place as the other flower!


  1. I love the colors of your layout - so fresh and springy :)

    My favorite things about spring? Finally warmer weather and not having to bundle the kids in 10 layers to go out! Oh it is wonderful.

  2. Let's see... My favorite things about spring...

    3. NO MORE COLD... (see a pattern)
    4. Summer is coming!
    5. The chirping birds in the morning
    6. Watching Jadyn play outside
    7. Open windows!
    8. Open windows in the car!
    9. EASTER celebration!
    10. More time with Scott and Raylene :)

    Love you girly!

  3. I am loving the flowers and being able to wear flippy-floppies :)