Girls Night!

So, while I love being married SO much... I do miss the girls nights!

Scott was out of town this weekend so I got to have a girls night on Saturday night!  I was intending to have 3 other girls.. but things come up.. no worries.. but Jen and I had a blast regardless!

We first struggled to find a restaurant that 'the guys' don't particularly care for that we LOVE! WE have a few of these places... however... after aimlessly driving through Lee's Summit... we finally land at IHOP! Ok... sounds weird... but breakfast was really calling out to us!

We were planning to take pictures of the evening to blog with.. however... my battery was dead and her camera was left at home on accident :( I know, Internet... I wanted you to see pictures too...

Well, while at IHOP... we had the worlds BEST waitress! Her name was Kristin and she was awesome! She had this huge mound of whipped cream on top of my pancakes... and she even brought more out when that was gone... yes, internet... she DID know it was a girls night.... so she totally knew what it was all about!

We took several 'mental pictures' (hope everyone has seen The Office- The Wedding Day episode) and yes... I had the air camera in full motion... and each picture was the perfect pic! :) Imagine that!

We then stopped by Blockbuster and gathered some chick flick entertainment for the night... then watched 'New In Town'... SO CUTE! I totally over estimated how late we'd stay up... I forget that I'm not in college anymore... all nighters are looooong gone.

That was the highlight of my weekend... what about yours?

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