No good at stress...

I suck at being stressed.

I am not the kind of student that forgets assignments... and I had one of those horrible gut wrenching moments where I totally forgot something was due.  When this kind of thing happens... my mind... my body is telling me something.  I AM STRESSED.  I had my first paper due in my Advanced Research class on Monday (the one I totally forgot) luckily our professor said we could turn it in via hard copy or email.  So as soon as I got home from class Monday night, I whipped that thing out.  I also have a big project due Friday by 5pm, a midterm on Saturday, and a midterm on Monday.  Internet, sorry for boring you with the details of my life.... I want you to feel my pain a little bit.  :)

I have noticed the last week that I am much less considerate, I am even rude to the people I love because of the stress.  I would not say that I have a 'temper'.... but I get kind of 'moody' and let my stress/feelings of overwhelm-ness on those closest to me.  Especially my hubby... sadly he gets the brunt of it all.

I plan to make this up to him in some fashion... I'm still thinking on this one.  I'm so lucky to have him.  He's so understanding. He just takes it.... he knows I'm stressed out... and He encourages me. I love him.

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  1. Oh isn't this just the worst?
    The worst is also that we DO take our stresses out on our loved ones... we always do this to the people that we love the most. But I think it's because we know how much they love us and they will put up with it ;)
    Good luck on all your exams and craziness in the next little while!