Trip Down Memory Lane...

I have been going through pictures trying to sort them out... well in the process I was inspired to share a post all about some of my favorite memories!  This could be a VERY long post.... but I might break it into a series of posts as well.. we'll see how this goes.

These are some of my favorite times....


Since we were Seniors in high school, we decided to go on a road trip together... BY. OURSELVES. It was so much fun! Don't get too excited... we took this road trip down to Joplin, MO for our high school's State Tournament.  We had so much fun!! **Cute little side note... the guy in the back right and the girl that he is pretending to kiss... you'd think they were together.. in this picture they were not yet together... but now they are happily married! :)  You all know may know her blog 'Whatever is Lovely' - she's amazing.

These were the girls! We went shopping... and took the oh so classic sunglasses pic!


These are the girls in my Suite!  I love these girls! We had some amazing times together.  This is a picture at our hall PJ pizza party at a local pizza shop in downtown Bolivar.

THIS is the best dance party I've ever been to.... pretty sure we were all sweating so bad and our abs hurt so bad from laughing SO. HARD. 

Our hall got together and decorated Easter eggs! So simple... but SO MUCH FUN! Then I gave my best friend mine b/c I don't like hard boiled eggs... so everyone wins

One of my favorite things to do in college was to go home with girls from my hall!  We went to Arkansas for this trip... it was amazing... we jet skied out on the lake.. and we went mattress shopping or something.. I'm not sure why were in the mattress store to be honest.

This was probably one of the best nights ever! Stacey came down to visit me at SBU and the three of us decided to go to the town square and re-enact 'The Notebook' scene.... you all know which one I'm talking about... look below for a more detailed pic...

This is April and I... Stacey is taking the picture in this one... and we of course rotated who was watching the lights turn... and who was taking the pic

My best friend, April went with my family to Colorado for our annual ski trip!  We stayed on Copper Mountain.. which is our favorite!  This is a pic of the gesture we would make often when getting excited about the trip... we might be dorks.

This was after a VERY tough day of skiing... we were wedging our way down that mountain in the most beautiful fashion.  hehe.

If you can't tell by the picture... we are getting ready for a night filled with HYPER-NESS, and mischievousness!!  

Well... I am going to leave you here for today... with a cliff hanger! :)  Stay tuned for the next episode of 'Trip Down Memory Lane'

I'd love your guesses as to what we are about to do in this last picture!

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  1. I LOVE this! Maybe I'll do a trip down memory lane too. :)

    And wow, I made several appearances in this post! Pssst... in the top picture, when Tim pretended to kiss me... I liked it. ha

    And is the last pic the Night of the Persistent Panties??? Just a guess. Do I get a prize if I'm right?