Hey lovelies!

This week I am going to share something real about myself that is also a compliment to myself.  I have a hard time accepting or even thinking of compliments of myself.

Raylene Nicole has skills in leadership.

I have had the privilege of being a part of the 'Welcome Week' event in college for 3 years.  My first year I was simply a group leader, which was amazing because I got to meet all the incoming students and build relationships that way!  The second year I was interviewed and selected to be a part of the 'Steering Committee' as the Social Events Chair.  The Steering Committee was a group of 6 students that start in January planning the next Welcome Week event the next August.   The third year, my Senior year, I was interviewed by the Student Activities Director and chosen as the Director of Welcome Week.  It was probably one of my favorite things.  If I could be the Director of Welcome Week each year as a career... I'd TOTALLY do it!

I also had the opportunity to start a ladies Bible study at my university called 'Bless-ed'.  We had speakers from on and off campus and had small groups.  I really enjoyed this adventure as well.. the Lord really taught me a lot about what it means to be a leader.  I had a committee that met once a week to pray over the study for the week and the ladies that attend as well as our speakers.  Our last year, we had a Bless-ed Conference with some amazing speakers!  The Lord totally blessed us with amazing help as well.  We had beautiful shirts designed by a good friend they even ended up being free!  We had some great help with the meals... my mom and my best friend's mom helped out SO MUCH!  It was so much fun!

I really miss college sometimes.. it was so much easier to be a leader.  Or at least that is the excuse I give myself for not getting to be in a leadership role right now, out side of being a sponsor for our youth group (which is amazing as well!).   With school and work it would not be very conducive to be in a leadership role... such is life.

Share your favorite thing about yourself with me... IT IS OK TO BE SWEET TO YOURSELF!

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