My typical day...

First of all... I must say... I LOVE KELLY'S KORNER!

This week's 'Show us your life' topic is 'What does a typical day look like'..

5:35am - Scott's alarm goes off (I'm in and out of sleep-land until he is kisses me goodbye around 6:00am) It typically takes me a little while to go back to sleep... something about not having Scott there right next to me... doesn't seem natural... even after 2 years of him having to wake up and leave before me

6:45am - Wake up and watch CMT videos (sing and dance) as I get ready

7:30am - Leave for work... just about 5 miles away from home.. which is wonderful.. but sometimes I wish I had more radio/CD time in my car :)

7:45am - arrive at work and soak in every moment I have to get work done before the doors open at 9am

7:45am-5:15pm - I am helping customers open accounts (IRAs/CDs/Safe Deposit Boxes/Personal accts/ Business accts/etc), close accounts, answer the phones, notarize, try really hard not to take any rude comments to heart... however I am horrible at taking them personally! - ya caught me!

5:15pm - Get off work

Depending on the day the rest of the evenings vary... as I mentioned...

Mondays after work I head to class which starts at 6:00pm ends at 8:45pm

Tuesdays I head home and usually hang out with some friends

Wednesdays I head to church at 6:30pm (Scott and I are youth sponsors for our church)

Thursdays I head home then head to church at 7:00pm for our young adult Biblestudy

Fridays and Saturdays vary depending on the week... however this week:

Friday went to the grocery store and got ingredients to make homemade guacamole to take to a dinner party we were invited to.

Saturday- I sadly had to get up at 6:45am and get ready for work... then worked from 7:45am - noon (banking hours)... then I stopped by my parent's and saw some family (ones I don't get to see often enough) I celebrated a friend getting a job!! yay!! and I have been trying to take one of my midterm exams online and there have been some issues- no one in our class has been able to take the test... so I'm not waiting for that to come back up!  Tonight I will be having a few girlfriends over to stay the night! (Scott went up to his grandparent's house for his grandpa's 80th birthday celebration and will be back tomorrow) - I wish I could have gone :(

Depending on the night... we land in bed between 10:30-11:30pm most nights

My days are busy... and there are times I wish they would slow down... but I am so blessed! The Lord has totally provided the time for me to take class/work full time/and get involved at my church... not to mention getting to spend time with my hubby!  What more could I ask for? God is good!

If you stop by from Kelly's Korner.. please let me know! I'd love to hear from ya!

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