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Hey internet, my name is I'm sorry it has been so long!!  We had some internet issues... but I think we're good to go... you can expect to read a sassy moment about those few blog-less days...

So today, I thought I'd share with you a craft project that I completed a while ago.  So You know how I graduated, right?  Well one of my gifts was this adorable 9 cube shelf for our living room.  While my husband does look mighty handsome with his tools in hand... this isn't about him or his cuteness #sorrynotsorry

So where was I?  Ok... ok... sorry distracted by the hubs.  So anyway the 9 cube thing really has nothing to do with this craft project... but it did take place on the same day... so I guess that is the connection?  I don't know... I've just been away from ya for so long that I have so much to say and it is all coming out at the exact same time in my head!

Anyway... I was pa-rousing through TJ Maxx with Jen when I came across this picture frame that I fell in love with.  {here is where we start the craft story...}  Then I look at the 'clearance' sticker and read $7.99 which seems a little pricy for a frame this size #callmecheap

The fortunate part is that the glass had a huge crack across the entire width.  Immediately my mind starts racing... 'I'm SURE they'll just give this to me'... and 'It can only be worth $.50 now, right?!'

Well, internet - I was wrong.  They did give me a discount for the broken glass, so $4.00 to my name, I walk out a happy camper.

So I get home and get Scott started on gluing building our new shelf and then put my creative hat on.  Wait.... you don't have a creative hat?!?! What?!

So I have a genius idea... I have these adorable blank cards from target and they would fit perfectly.

It took some time to decide which would look best because they are both so stinkin' cute.  So the pink, white and navy combo won.  So I taped the card to the center of the envelope so there was a navy border around my card.

Then I simply taped the back of the envelope to the backing of the frame.  It isn't perfect.... but that makes it perfect to me!

What have you been crafting lately?

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  1. I have been crafting nada :( I need some more of this sunshine and open windows to kick the winter blues and get crafting for baby #2!!