Community defined...

Community is not defined by age, it is not considered a factor, nor a requirement

Knows no judgement, only a kind of love our world can't understand... and can't stand - to be quite honest

Loyalty is found in it's core

Tough love- with the utmost grace on both sides

Respect even when members disagree

Laughter - looooooots of laughter


Walk through any and all stages of life together

Truth is shared = accountability

Genuine with one another {especially when it is hard}

No question is left unanswered because of fear of judgement or inadequacy

Everyone plays a major role - and a very different role from anyone else -- which means they are not all alike!

A place of rest

Honesty- share life experiences with one another

Same central focus- Christ


It is a huge investment of time .. And at first--- energy

It is natural

Tough conversations are natural when necessary

Burdens are carried with one another

It is a risk - vulnerability oftentimes is.  worth. every. ounce. of. risk.


What would you add to this definition of community?  What does it look like for you?


  1. Don't forget grace! Heaps and heaps and heaps of grace. :)