Christmas card idea...

Internet... brace yourself!  I found an excellent idea on pinterest!  

I have kept the christmas cards I get from the previous few years for a while now.  I just store them away in my christmas decoration tote. (Yes, Jen... that is 1 tote) :)  

Well instead of my cards from the past 2-3 years staying tucked away in my tote.  I found this idea on pinterest and fell in love!

Simply punch a hole in the corner and feed them through a binder ring.  I had some in my scrapbook stuff from a previous project so this cost me literally $0.00.  Now, that is my kind of project!

So needless to say... these have been a hit as a part of my coffee table centerpiece.  

What have you found and completed successfully from pinterest this week?  

I told you I'd find something I liked!


  1. Some people have 1 Christmas tote, some have 7. I don't know what I'm going to do when I have a real tree... That's why I'm not getting one until I'm married, so i have someone to carry the totes for me.

    Love the card idea :)

    1. I love you and your 7 christmas totes! You make a valid point about the hubs... one day you'll have a man who will take care of carrying the totes so you can carry the tree... :) or maybe he will just carry all of it after you carefully pack everything! even better!

  2. We did this to our wedding cards and I LOVE it! I've been meaning to do it to a bunch of other stacks that I have (I'm a total card hoarder). I might just have to do that this week while the munchkin is snoozin'. :o)

    1. That's a great idea for wedding cards!! love that! that would make a fun center piece around the anniversary time... or valentines season :)

      I'm a card hoarder too... you'll enjoy one of my upcoming posts - which shows what I do with a lot of mine :)