time for a real-ray-insta-update!

Wow...  I didn't realize how long it had been since my last insta-update.  Time is seriously flying... 

If I were a fabric.... here I am.  Stoked for the home project that this is for!  

Oh my word, one of my favorite nights over the holidays... we had so much fun this night.  aaaaaannnndddd.... I'm not sure who decorated the cookies... probably the twins.  yeah... lets go with that.

Over the Christmas 'break' I had a chance to catch up on my scrapbooking...I can't tell you how much it warms my soul!  I love looking through letters, cards, ticket stubs, pictures, fortunes from the past several months... brought back so many memories!  I hope to post more about smashbooking soon... so stay tuned!

Christmas Eve candle light service at my church is by far one of my favorite traditions EVER. {insert the hubs rolling his eye as I take the picture below}

My view as I work, one day while the hubs was on break from school and work.  #blessed

Dear friends, family, really anyone who knew -  
How could you not tell me how amazing men's razors are for a smooth shave?!  It took Scott getting a sample in the mail {that I snatched because I was out of razors and he uses an electric} to discover this truth.  
Disappointed in you,

Me: 'I didn't make it to Christmas in the Park this year!'
Jen: 'It isn't too late... it doesn't close until New Years'
Yes... we aren't ashamed... we went to Christmas in the park the after Christmas came and went.  We didn't have to wait a single minute in a line... it was beautiful!  We will do THAT again!

Jen and I went to Planet Sub... and that is where the hyper began... and it didn't stop.  It got even better {as it always does} when we got to target... and Jen said, 'Oh... mascara.. I must need some more!' as digging through her purse for her debit card... lol  

Me... through the years... awkward and all #sorrynotsorry My mom and I were looking through old pictures to pull for a slide show for my brother's wedding and came across some real winners ;)

Peanut butter toast is on the list of favorite breakfast meals... don't worry Lindsay... below fruity pebbles! 

Got the perfectly timed... perfectly worded... perfect card in the mail last week.  #blessed

So we are dealing with a tar smell at work b/c of some roofing work going on.  So I {being the engineer's wife, I am}... pulled out my stash of dryer sheets and let the Vornado freshen our air.  Sadly... the tar smell won the battle this time.  

*Note:  Yes, it is completely normal to have a ziplock full of dryer sheets in my desk drawer {next to my emergency kit}... I use them to de-static-ify my hair and clothing.  

*Note #2:  Internet, if you want to see me realllllly upset, distraught, annoyed, unreasonable... just get my hair super staticy... #can'thandle  Something about the static electricity makes me a little crazy irritable 

Got my new purse in the mail the other day... of course packaged so stinkin' adorably... You should check out her store... there are so many beautiful things!  

Thanks Pinterest for coming through for me again!  This link actually had a video that showed me exactly how to tie my scarf in the 'woven' style!  love it!

Cold saturday mornings with waking up early = the need for the BFF's smile and some starbucks columbia instant coffee! #yum

A whole blog post could be written about this day... it was full of so much truth, tough conversations, laughter, joy, sassiness, mexican food, coffee, chai, glasses shopping, giggling, flirt lessons, curly hair styling methods... oh the list could go on.  It can all be summed up with a few words... love. these. girls. 

So thankful for this opportunity that forces me to look back and think through these beautiful little moments sprinkled through the last few weeks.  

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  1. Too many things that I love here!
    That fabric though - ah.mazing! Can't wait to see what you do with it!