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I know you're thinking, where is the 2012 in review post?! Well, Internet, it is coming... Tomorrow or the next day.

But today is Wednesday and I decided not to hide 'real ray' traditions behind a year in review post. Instead lets start talking about my hair.

We all know this is my favorite feature... Well I can tell you that I am having huge cutter's remorse about my new do.  I mean its cute... But I came across this picture from college and that's when it really started to sit in...

Disclaimer: no- I do not usually have blown up poster-sized pictures of myself at home.. Work? Maybe- never at home. I was super involved at my university and was asked to take part in a campus photo shoot- they then selected pictures to be hung around campus and/or used on pamphlets they mailed out. This picture was hanging in the student union for a semester or two then they gave it to me.

Disclaimer 2:  no- this is not actually a picture hanging on my refrigerator door.  It is rolled up so I had to temporarily hang it in order to share with you.

Whew- glad we cleared that up.

After seeing this picture I also went through my engagement pictures and came across a couple of my favorites:

While looking at these pictures I realized that part of why these are some of my favorites is because I love my hair in them.  I don't think I really realized how much I love having long hair.  

So... while I do enjoy my much easier do... I'm missing my signature long locks today... in a bad way.

I hope the next time I get the itch to cut my hair shorter - I will look back on this post and remind myself that I need to embrace my long locks now.... because in {what will seem like} a few short years it will become creepy to have long hair.  I don't want to be that creepy old cat lady with super long stringy hair.

I DO want to be a girl that is confident.  Internet, it might be shallow... but my hair helps my confidence.. I'm realizing that it always has.  Isn't that one of the many reasons God gave us 'favorite features' about ourselves?


Dear short hair,

You are in some ways like a large piece of my favorite dessert.  You seemed like the best only option at the time but later creep inside me with remorse.  I was disillusioned by your mystery.  I was drawn in by your adventure.  I dove too quickly.... I should have 'slept on it'.  This is why most of my decisions are well-planned in advanced.  I've enjoyed you some - I won't say all of our time together was bad.  I just wish it didn't take quite so long to get rid of you.  So consider yourself officially hitting that 'over-staying-your-welcome' threshold.  

See you in my 40's!

Not ready for mom-hair,


Dear long hair,

You are where I belong.  I know you were trying to tell me about the current place I'm in... you warned me with all of the signs.  You planted the seeds of doubt in my mind that BBQ filled night in October.  The adventure took over - in an instant my mind couldn't be changed.  It. was. happening.  ... It. happened.  I would be lying if I wasn't a little relieved by the weight literally lifted off my shoulders.  I needed a change - and in that moment - the only option was to get rid of you.  You see, I couldn't change by reaching my goal weight in that moment.  I could however, change you.

Don't you worry - it won't happen again.  At least until you reach that creepy stage after I have kids and I reach an age where long hair becomes less and less attractive and more and more like I'm trying to stay 20 forever.  Then I'll re-visit embrace the short hair.  But until then... I'm ready to take you back.  Please don't take long to visit again.  I promise to take better care of you... straighten you... curl you... let you go naturally crazy curly.

Please hurry up and grow grow grow!

Not one for adventure,

Anything weighing on you today?  Whether it be as silly as a haircut or not.... feel free to share.

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  1. Man I know the feeling! I just accidentally got bangs. Every time I do that I regret it. Perhaps I should write a letter to my future hair self too!