my favorite feature...

I love my hair.

Ok... I said it.  Internet, I truly believe that my hair is my best feature!  I LOVE my hair.  So, for the last several years I have spoiled my hair but going to an amazing hair stylist here in town and paying too much and justifying it because 'I learn something new about my hair every time'... I loved this educational piece to my visit to the salon.  Also, it has always been kind of a mother-daughter date of ours to get our hair cut together.  

So I went out on a limb this time guys... I mean... I was probably the most adventurous I've ever been this last weekend.  so... happy birthday, Jen!  (Yes... today is her bday!  Swing by and leave her a comment on her special day!)

So back to my adventurous weekend... It all started with a party for Jen's bday... we ate at OK Joes BBQ (the best BBQ in KC) and came back to her house for some cake balls (minus the chocolate coating).

When all of the sudden... I was inspired... by this photo found on Jen's pinterest... so you can all blame her for this moment of weakness adventure....

Great hair.. right?!  So right away.. we got to work... here is the before (front and back):

I didn't really realize just how long my hair had gotten... wow... 

So then came the scissors... I was not a little anxious - I guess you could say :)

There was no turning back now.... 

a few additional grey hairs and 7 inches later...

Some have said... 'this cut gives you a neck'... I'm going to choose to take that as a compliment :)  

Needless to say.... my head weighs a whole 3 lbs less than it did this time last week-- I'm sure of it!

The crazy thing is... that SEVERAL ladies around me are making dramatic changes to their hair.. or contemplating a dramatic change.  What is it about Fall and girls' hair?  Seriously....  

On another note... today is the birthday of a very special friend, Jen!  You all know her so well-- at least if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time-- you know she is a good friend of mine.  I love this lady.... and today is a celebration of Jen!

17 Reasons I love Jen:

1. Her red-headed spirit
2. Her love for people - this girl has a HUGE heart... she often neglects her own heart to serve someone else
3. She and I are going through the same lifestyle change- together
4. She is sassy (can we say kindred spirits?)
5. She laughs at my jokes
6. She has a love for children I can't understand-- we have coined her the 'child whisperer' 
7. Her random outbursts of children's church songs
8. She teaches me so much... fashion, hair styles, cooking, home decor... you name it.. this girl can do anything
9.  She is motivating
10. She has a huge lovable dog, Kody
11. She desires genuine community-- and takes the good with the bad
12.  Her love for the Lord
13. She is hilarious
14. Her calming spirit
15.  Her love for starbucks
16. The fact that she gets routine pedicures
17.  Her random outbursts of disney movie theme songs

What adventures have you been on the past week?


  1. Awww, thanks, Ray!!! This made me tear up (in a good way!). I am so blessed to have you in my life. And I still can't believe that you trusted me enough to cut your hair. Good grief, girl! You've got guts.

    Thanks so much for being amazing. God uses you more in my life than you will ever know. :)

  2. Love it! You are so brave... I think tears would have been shed :) Such a sweet post!

  3. You are funny! I LOVE my nails, there I said it.... I LOVE my nails, I believe they are my best feature :)...