I know, internet... ANOTHER recipe.  Call me crazy....

Today I am going to share a T-family special.  Scott has grown up with these things called 'Taverns'... I know- I still don't know where the name comes from.

Basically 'Taverns' are a family version of 'Sloppy Joes'.... and I was skeptical as well ... but trust me- If I like them.. you probably will too.

To make Taverns... you will need:

-1 lb of ground beef (I typically go for the 93/7 to help the health factor)
-1 Package of hamburger buns
-Chili Powder
-Garlic Powder
-1 Can of Campbells Tomato Soup (yup.. you read that right)
-Cheese -- single slices (optional... I like them with cheese... Scott prefers them plain... which is the  traditional (family) way to eat them)

1. Brown the ground beef and add a little bit of garlic powder, and a healthy dose of chili powder. (Sorry.. no measurements... I know I've told you before that I don't use recipes... so don't get sassy with me)

2. After mixing the spices into the beef, add the can of tomato soup and stir until completed mixed.  Let the mixture get hot... you will see the color of the soup will get darker as the spices marry with the liquid.  *Disclaimer:  I have no idea if that is really why the color changes... but it sounds like something I'd say if I were hosting a cooking show*


I know... it is THAT simple!  We usually either make oven potatoes, corn on the cob, or crescent rolls as our side dish.  Tonight we had yummy sweet corn on the cob!

Let me know if you try them!!!


  1. Okay, so I can't jump on board with this one (not my faves...), but we did make your fajitas. They were yummy, but next time I want you to make them for me. Cheesy Chicken Corn Friday night - next date night you are cooking at my house. Deal? I'll even let you pretend you are having your cooking show.... I'm pretty sure Jadyn will jump on board with that. HaHa!

  2. Made them tonight and my husband loved them!

    1. I'm SO excited about this! So glad he liked them! :) Scott even had a 'oh yeah' when I told him someone else likes this family fav!