Mexican Grilled Cheese...

.... or some would call this a Quesadilla.  Whatever you title it, it sure is a staple around this house....

You will need:

soft flour tortillas (whatever size you desire- we get soft taco/fajita size)
spreadable butter
mexican style finely shredded cheese

1. butter all necessary tortillas for the meal-- once you start grilling... you won't have time to butter.  Now- I suppose you could try to health this puppy up by using EVOO instead of butter... I haven't tried that... but might just have to next time I make them!

2. put buttered side down on the hot skillet, quickly add the desired amount of shredded mexican cheese and quickly add the top tortilla (buttered side up).

3. Flip them over once golden brown... or to desired color on each side.

4. I use a pizza slicer to cut them into slices and add the good ol' salsa to the middle of the plate!

5. ENJOY!! It is THAT simple!!!

What are some of your favorite quick and easy meals?

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