I'm sending love the best way I know how...

things I wish were true about letters:

-stamps were free
-I received one everyday
-my hand never starts hurting from writing so much
-I could send my eye to capture one's reaction to getting one of my letters in the mail (in a very non-creeper kind of way)
-I could write letters for a living
-that this was everyone's love language (but not really... I like that we're all different... just work w/me here... stamps would be cheaper this way!!)
-I could create Halmark - 'fresh ink' cards for a living... these cards are seriously made after my own heart
-the passion for written letters would sweep the nation - again this would make stamps cheaper

What are your thoughts about letters?!  Wish list?


  1. You are so good about sending cards. Seriously, you inspire me to be better about it.