i am weak.

During launch last week we talked about gratitude.  It was beautiful.

Kandy so wonderfully defined gratitude as: embrace with gladness what God has put before me, having trust that when we have His perspective one day in heaven... we will agree with His decision... we will agree that He did what is best for us

wow.  even in the good, bad, and ugly.  that stings a little... I can't say that my attitude, my life has always been marked with gratitude.  Lord, I pray you overwhelm me with this type of gratitude

Something that really stood out to me near the end of our study was a discussion about being weak.  "I don't thank God for my weaknesses" was said... well duh- who does, right?

That seems so silly, Raylene, to thank Him for a way it seems as if He failed in me.  Yeah- that was my first thought as well, internet.

Do you realize that when we recognize our weaknesses, it should remind us of how powerful and strong He is!

The fact that I have weaknesses strengthens Him and His power in my mind... my weaknesses should remind me of His power.  My weaknesses should continually keep me dependent on Him... my weaknesses should keep me turning to Him

Lord, I want to be thankful for my weaknesses because it strengthens you... and not dwell on my weaknesses and see them as failures, but rather see them as turning points to you.

Well - I can tell you this much.. after that discussion I'm going to try to start thanking the Lord for my weaknesses....

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