Trip down memory lane... episode #3

Good morning lovelies!  I have really enjoyed these trips... that bring back some awesome memories!!

If you're a new reader, be sure to check out Episode 1 and Episode 2!!

This was my cliff-hanger from Episode #2 -- This was me claiming Whitney and I's tent placement at the campground!  This was one of our float trips!! These were a  guaranteed blast!!  

This is Whit, Me, and April!  This was such a fun trip!  April and I had some interesting moments... "Up top babe!", "Tree ahead!"... the word 'ahead' usually means you have time to avoid it....  well sometimes I would get this instruction as we are going OVER the tree! hehe When we would have a successful  could-have-easily-tipped-over moment we would celebrate with the 'up top, babe' by high-fiving with our paddles!

This picture is funny to me... This is the first picture of Scott and I (after we started dating)... this pictures takes me back to the days when it was still awkward b/c we were best friends who started dating... and it took a couple of weeks to get used to that transition! This was one of those awkward moments... 'oh.. we don't have any pictures together yet...being together'... lol pretty sure something like that was said..

This is one of my favorite college memories! This is Candace, Me, and Jen.  We were all 3 Beasely Babes- 3rd West!  We went down to Mansfield, MO (yes home to Laura Engles Wilder) to visit Jen's hometown over Halloween weekend!  This was the cutest little town ever!  We drove around trying to scare ourselves and watched several scary movies... which I can no longer do... they scare me way too much!

Welcome to Brenda's Cafe in Bolivar, MO!  This is possibly the best cafe in the world.  They have the best coffee, and the BEST french toast I've ever tasted!  If you ever take a trip through B-Town... be sure to find this adorable cafe tucked in the square right downtown.

This is Me, Stacey, and April at our Bless-ed conference!  The Lord blessed me so much with a great cousin, John, who inspired me to start a biblestudy during college.  We ended up forming a Conference for Bless-ed up in Kansas City and it was a great time!  This is a priceless picture! I love it!

This was an amazing night!  Candace and I were determined to make our vote count in the mid-election! So we decided to drive up to Lee's Summit from Bolivar to vote and return the same evening!  We were always up for a good road trip!  This is after we both got our much loved stickers! 

She's going to kill me for this picture... but it was one of my favorites!  We stopped to get gas a have a potty break on our way back... so we had to have some fun... shopping for sunglasses late at night.. hmm... we're strange... this we know. :)

This was STEERING COMMITTEE 2007!! We got to lead Welcome Week- which is a time for incoming students to learn the ropes and have some fun a few days before classes start! Its a BLAST!  I was Social Chair this year!

This is STEERING COMMITTEE 2008! Myself and Justin (the guy next to me) were Co-Directors of Welcome Week 2008!  We had so much fun!!!

K... here is the cliff-hanger... what in the world could April and I be so excited about? hmmm...

PS: Don't forget... if you decide to do a trip down memory lane episode on YOUR blog.. please come back and leave a link so I can learn more about you and your favorite memories! :)

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. This is a really cute idea! I think I'll have to pull out some of the pics from when my husband and I became "official"!

  2. What if you and I started practicing Wii tennis at my house, then one day we challenge the Glosers to a game and amaze them with our skills?

  3. Thank you girl! I'm so excited about starting!