1st Game of the Season!!

LETS GO ROYALS!!! Yes... I am one of those... pathetic... hold on to ANY strand of hope possible type of fans.  I know you already know that, given that I am a Royals fan. :)

Tonight was my first game of the season! I took some pictures just for you!

My favorite things about Royals games:

1. The Jumbo-Tron is the biggest HD screen in the world.  (at least it was when it was built a couple of years ago... this could have changed)

#2. David DeJesus is by far my favorite Royals player! He seems to always come through for the team and has the best attitude on the field.

#3. I love Kauffman Stadium!  I love how it is set up.. and all the fun new additions!

#4. If anyone of you know Scott, you know that he tends to be a man of few words.  Well... just take him to a Royals game... and observe!  He will talk the entire game, sharing statistics, history, facts about the game or the player up to bat or on the field!  He is a wealth of knowledge- of any of his favorite sports really! 

#5. Date nights!  Scott's parents got us a 9 game season package with parking passes!  This is the 2nd year they've done that for us.. and it makes for some wonderful date nights!

#6. BUCK NIGHTS!! Ok... I was disappointed that tonight wasn't a buck night..

#7. ROYALS. HOT. DOG.  enough said.  If you've never had one... its a must... especially on $1 night!

#8. Friday Night Fireworks!! We didn't stay for them tonight because we both have to work in the morning... but I LOVE fireworks.

Favorite new things I learned about this week:

#1. GROUPON - My cousin-in-law turned me on to this website!  You should check it out if you haven't yet... they have some great deals, and there is a different one each day for your area!  

#2. LOSE IT! - Application for iphones/ipod touch... they also have a website.  I have been using this for 3 days now and I love it.  I have a friend from church who lost 40 pounds by using this and by walking!  It is a great way to keep track.


What is your favorite thing about this week?


  1. Very cute pictures! My favorite thing about this week was my son:)

  2. My favorite thing about this week was doing yardwork in the sunshine! It's the only chore I actually enjoy.