Trip down memory lane #4....AND Show us your life!

Happy Friday, lovelies!!  If you have not seen episode 1, 2, or 3 you should check them out!!

I noticed that the topic this week on SHOW US YOUR LIFE is how you met your husband! This episode kind of goes along with that!..

Here was the cliff hanger from the last episode....

This is me and my best friend April.... We are so TOTALLY excited because.....

Scott asked the question every little girl dreams of hearing one day... I think it went something like...
Scott: "Raylene Nicole Powell, will you marry me?"  
Raylene: in shock "yyyeeESSSSSSS!!"

Scott gets TOTAL bragging rights... he had the most adorable engagement planned ever!!!
What? you want to hear the story? Ok... I guess I'll share :)

Scott and I have been friends since high school... we graduated together and became best friends during college.... we dated for a little over a year before getting engaged and go married around a year and 1/2 of being together... but it can happen... I DID marry my best friend!!! 

Scott truly knows me.. and if anyone knows me.. they know that I lOVE to plan things.  So...  here is the story...  Our friend Tim calls me and says, "We should plan a surprise birthday party for Scott before you go back to school." I of course think this is a GREAT idea.  So Tim instructs me to invite our close friends to Jack Stack (best BBQ in KC), and give him the # and he will take care of the reservations.  Well of course this was a great plan because Scott had been wanting to take me there all summer b/c I had never had it before- oddly enough.  So... I invite all our friends and I got Scott to take me there!  Well Scott had a great idea to go to the park by the Plaza (which was normal... we went there a few times that summer)... I thought that was a great plan- a way to be sure everyone got there before I brought him!  
So we are walking around the park and Scott leads me over towards a path... and right off the path was this table and it had flowers and the box I decoupaged him to put cards and such in... there were pictures of us all over this lace covered table... it was beautiful!  Well I didn't see any of this as we approached it because this random lady was laying on a beach towel 'sun bathing'... except she was in a complete pant suit.... so I was so confused by this... I was really distracted! This was to Scott's advantage though... I didn't see the table until we came right up to it!  He was like, "I knew about your plan all along."  Well.. this didn't register right away... so I said.. "WHO TOLD YOU?!?!" thinking someone had totally spilled the beans about the surprise party!  Well he then opened the box and inside was all my letters... and another little black box...he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! It was one of my favorite moments ever! I said yes... of course and we hugged and kissed!  The he said... 'come on our guys'! Tim was video taping and my best friend, April was taking pictures! It was amazing!! I am a huge scrapbooker.. and I always thought it'd be great to get that documented!!
So we get to Jack Stack and all of our close friends and our parents were there!  (which is why Tim did the reservations... to include our families) So... Scott let me plan our engagement party... all along thinking it was his birthday bash! :)  It was amazing!!

We were right next to Kauffman Garden... so we went and took engagement pictures in the garden! It was so funny b/c we actually matched that day... and no it was not planned that way!

I love these pictures... because they are actually candid... we weren't posing for any of them... but April got the best moments! She was a great photographer :)

THE ring!  This is another thing that earns Scott some bragging rights!  April and I went shopping for rings... and I gave her the task of sharing my favorites with Scott and he could get a variation of what I liked.  He is a sweet man... but he doesn't really have an interest or an eye in jewelry.  So I knew he'd need to know my taste! Well he got my DREAM ring.  That ring that you pick out and wish you could get but know it is not likely!  Well thats the one he picked!  From my favorite local jeweler... Tivol!  They have a store down at the plaza.. so beautiful!  He did a great job!

We're kind of weird. We are well aware of that fact. :)

Well... there is the engagement history!  

Hope you all have a great weekend! Tomorrow I get to attend a simulcast of Beth Moore's conference about her new book, So Long Insecurities!  I'm so excited!


  1. That is such a sweet story!!

  2. AHHHHH I can't wait to have an engagement story!!
    and I, like you, like PLAN!
    and I really hope and pray my Mr. plans out a really adorable engagement.
    yours was really really sweet and I enjoyed reading it.

    ADORABLE blog too!!


  3. Okay... THAT is the best story ever!! Seriously - what an absolutely sweet man :)
    I love it!!!
    And those pictures are great... how amazing that you have those pics to keep that memory with you forever!

  4. I was on Kelly's page randomly clicking on stories and I just happened to click on yours. What are the odds? (I'm sure Scott could figure it out very quickly for us.)

  5. How fun to be caught TOTALLY off guard like that! I totally saw my engagement coming, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    So your engagement was about 6 months? I had a pretty short one too, but I bet you had no problem with your planner personality!

  6. Hi Raylene! Not sure if you remember me, but I found your blog over at Candace's new blog :) I loved looking through your was like walking down memory lane myself! And seeing pics with April and Whitney was so fun too!!! Oh, and Brenda's Cafe, me and my roommate always went there for cuppucino when we needed to excape "Beasley drama" :) lol!

    Anyways, just stopped in to say "hi"...looking forward to following you!...(Um, that sounds a lot more stalker-ish than I meant it! ;) )