Thank you, Pleated Poppy!

Hello lovelies!

A month or so ago I won a giveaway from the Pleated Poppy!  I was so excited b/c I. LOVE. HER. STUFF.  So the hardest part was choosing what to use my credit on!

Well.. after much agony... I did finally decide what I wanted... I got some of her famous pins as well as an adorable bag (below).

HOWEVER... these adorable pins have been begging for the perfect place to be displayed... well internet... I found it!  The PERFECT place!  Let me know what you think:


(Bag compliments of: Old Navy-they had several colors if you're interested)


(yes... that is Ms. Molly's tail in the background)

Here is a close up of the adorable pins:

Aren't these adorable?!?! You can get some of your own here!

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