Monday, 1-Day...

Where did I get the title for this post?  I would be tempted to buy someone Starbucks if they can figure out where that is from!!... to bad most of you lovelies don't live in Lee's Summit, MO---ROAD TRIP!

Here is the quote:
"Monday, 1-day, Tuesday 2-day, Wednesday, wha-wha what day?..."

Bonus point if you can say who said it!

Ok... so I was thinking about today and I was contemplating what the 1 thing is that I would want to share with you from my day...

I think I partially chose this b/c it is the most recent thing I can think of...

There are a few things that need to be told about this picture:

1. Jen and I usually Skype on Monday evenings when I get home from class.... why? because Scott and Ben are usually playing Wii golf... or tennis (that's their new fav)

2. Jen was making some hard-boiled eggs throughout our conversation... she was practicing for her Food Network show and gracing me with her cooking show skills.

3. I DID in-fact learn something new today about eggs.... you know that moment when you wonder to yourself... 'Are these eggs done?'  Well you no longer have to live in wonderment!  Simply take your egg out of the water and spin it on the counter... if it wobbles then it is not done... it is done when there is no more wobble-age.  This may have been common knowledge... but new to me!

3. This was taken after we spent a few minutes laughing loudly because Jen decided to 'test' the egg or something to be double... or triple sure that it was hard I mean, hard-boiled.  She dropped the egg on the counter... and as I expected.. it cracked! In fact... it is dented... thats what the picture ultimately is showing you... the dented hard-boiled egg.

4. IT'S DONE! Perfectly hard-boiled... all 12 eggs (well 11 if you minus the dented) 

Have a great monday night lovelies!


  1. Hi there! New reader :-) I love your header--it's gorgeous!

  2. I KNOW I KNOW!!! Joey off friends said it!! haha!!!
    Monday - 1 day
    Tuesday - 2 day
    Wednesday - wha? what day?
    Thursday - THURSDAY!! haha!

  3. I was trying to be like the cool people at the Japanese steak houses that slice through the egg with the knife. Funny thing, this morning I woke up and forgot that I had made the eggs last night, so I ate my usual cereal.

  4. Oh, and it's not Scott and Ben, it's the Glosers. ;)